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Let’s talks about model characteristics in Warhammer Fantasy


Darrell, alone once again tackles some Warhammer Fantasy. In this one he talks about model Characteristics and just what they do during a game. Mainly talking about what tests require what part of the Stat Line and how they effect that model or unit during the game.

Turbo Boosting in the Scout Move – Do you get a cover?


Here’s a little question that has been popping up from time to time. Is it cheeky to ask for a cover save when you Turbo Boost Scouts in there Scout Move? Well Darrell thinks it is, what about you guys what do you say!

Cheesy Monolith Shooting


Has Darrell found a cheesy loop hole for firing the Monolith Particle Whip when deep striking, what do you think, is this Blue Stilton or just a mild Cheddar?

Stop and Drop! Is Going to Ground worth it in 40K


Darrell talks a bit about Going to Ground in 40k. Be a punch-in player, if it looks like your going to lose a unit don’t just lift them off the table play the odds and lie there asses down. I can’t stress enough how annoying I find playing someone who just gives up and doesn’t [...]

Fighting creepy almost dead guys in boxes, yes Dreadnoughts


Dreadnoughts might be thousands of years old but they are no old age pensioner when it comes to a fight and a close combat Dreadnought is a heavy metal Bruce Lee. So Darrell has a wee talk about what to watch out for when going toe to toe with them. Me I think Dreadnoughts are [...]

BOW Tips: Tank Shock and Death or Glory | Warhammer 40k


John and Darrell have a look at Tank Shock

Ask BOW: Taking your best save | Warhammer 40k


John and Darrell have a look at how to use and take saves

Ask BOW: Orbital Bombardment from Reserve | Warhammer 40k


Orbital Bombardment

Ask BOW: Vulkan and Lucas | Warhammer 40k


Warren and Darrell have a chat

Ask BOW: Vehicle Squadrons | Warhammer 40k


The guys talk about Vehicle Squadrons in Warhammer 40k

Ask BOW: Vehicle Squadrons | Warhammer 40k


John grabs some revenge

Ask BOW: Stealth vs Barrage | Warhammer 40k


John and Darrell have a look at barrage weapons vs stealthed units

Ask BOW: Independant Characters Sweeping advance | Warhammer 40k


john and Darrell have a look at how independant Characters

Ask BoW: Prioritise Drop Pods | Warhammer 40k


Darrell and Warren have a look at combating armies using drop pods

Ask BOW: Shooting at Transports | Warhammer 40k


John and Darrell have a chat about shooting at transport vehicles

Ask BOW: Multiple Characters | Warhammer 40k


John and Darrell have a look at

Ask BOW: Monolith Deepstriking | Warhammer 40k


john and Darrell have a look at how Monoliths deepstrike

Ask BOW: Jaws of the World Wolf | Warhammer 40k


John and Darrell talk about the Space Wolves ability: Jaws of the Worlf Wolf in Warhammer 40k.

Ask BOW: Strength 10 vs Armour 10 | Warhammer 40k


Warren and Darrell discus what happens when

Ask BOW: Pinning | Warhammer 40k


pinning weapons in Warhammer 40k