Ax Faction Hire a Giant Slaying Female Warrior

August 10, 2012 by brennon

Ax Faction were not content with slaughtering a Troll it seems. Next on their hit list is a Giant, and they have called in Raen of Rannoch – Giant Hunter to do the dirty work…

“Hailing from the wild Rannoch Moors
and their destruction her aim
Frost, Fire, Ettin and Mountain…
of them, by six-foot steel,
she shall slay and maim”

Another superb piece of concept art. Let’s hope the miniature lives up to the vision, maybe with a little more movement in the model? I enjoyed the savage howl of victory from the Troll Hunter, but this one seems a little more static.

I’m glad to see they have stuck to a more nordic theme, it’s certainly my cup of tea compared to the pin-up and steampunk style from before.

Will you be waiting for this snow bound warrior woman?