Backstage World War Ruins Download – Good for Flames of War

August 30, 2012 by lloyd

With D-Day for the Flames of War 2 player starter set OPEN FIRE fast approaching we though it would be cool to get you a World War Ruins set from

World War Ruins 01 - Click Here to Download

Now you maybe wondering how is this going to work for Flames of War. Well it’s simple, although the print is set-up for a 28-30mm game all you need to do it scale the model down by instructing the printer to scale the print down – easy.

Anyway below you will find the file and links to other building you can download to get a whole town kick-started. Oh and remember to visit to get some more of these great models.

World War Ruins 01 - Click Here to Download

Paper Modeling Guide

Now you have your file go and get these models to go with it:

Here’s a list of the other buildings currently available in Backstage: