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Unboxing: Bandua – Docking Area

193 days ago 11

Hey guys, are you up for some more HDF, you know HDF is an acronym for Hella Darned Fun, right?

Unboxing: Bandua Wargames – Industrial Oil Tanks

200 days ago 13

Hey guys, we’re back this week with some awesome terrain building from Bandua Wargames.

Smith In A Bandua Dwarf Forge & Take Refuge In An Elven Haven

261 days ago 2

Bandua Wargames have added two new pieces of terrain to their Fantasy range. Both the Dwarf Forge and the Elven Haven have been designed for use in all manner of different Fantasy settings…

Unboxing: Bandua Wargames’ Modular Ruins Pack #1

403 days ago 2

We have the Modular Ruins Pack #1 from Bandua Wargames to unbox which is terrain that would turn your table top into a battlefield with minimal fuss. Justin and John also discuss how they would tackle painting the set.

Unboxing: Bandua Wargames’ Far West Shop #2

430 days ago 12

We’ve got another kit from Bandua Wargames, it’s the Far West Shop #2. This is great for an outlaw as they could either go there for a shave or for a heist depending on tastes. Maybe both?

Unboxing: Bandua Wargames’ Far West Shop #1

479 days ago 6

We have more from Bandua Wargames western range, this time around its the Far West Shop #1. A place for your minis to pick a new six shooter or spurs for their boots.

Unboxing: Bandua Wargames’ Sheriff Office

500 days ago 9

John and Justin check out some terrain suitable for your games of Wild West Exodus and beyond. This time it’s the Sheriff Office from Bandua Wargames complete with gallows to dish out severe punishment.

Bandua Add Some Height To Infinity With New Aztec Apartment Buildings

516 days ago 13

Bandua have been working away on some neat looking buildings for Infinity that form their new Aztec series.The three building types they have below are nmed the Tlaloc, Xolotl and Atl Apartments and give you reason to add a bit of height to your games of Infinity with perfect positions for snipers and more…

Set Up A Frontier Town With New Wild West Terrain By Bandua

626 days ago 3

Head out onto the frontier and build yourself a Far West settlement for your games of cowboys and Indians thanks to Bandua Wargames…