Are Knight Models Bringing Swamp Thing to Gotham?

January 7, 2015 by dracs

Knight Models have posted a picture of the DC Comics character Swamp Thing on their Facebook page. Will the defender of the Green be the next hero to be turned into a miniature?

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing is a fascinating character. Initially scientist Alec Holland mutated by chemicals after falling into the swamp, Swamp Thing was famously reimagined by Alan Moore to be an elemental being who took on Holland’s memory and personality. He became a true power house of the DC universe, defending the botanical realm of the Green.

The prospect of Swamp Thing appearing as a miniature from Knight Models, and perhaps being included in the Batman Miniatures Game, has me really excited for one incredibly geeky reason: John Constantine first appeared in a Swamp Thing story.

Swamp Thing and Constantine

This could be one step closer to me getting to field the Trenchcoat Brigade!

How do you think Swamp Thing would play in the Batman Miniatures Game?