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Weekender: Unboxing Deadzone 2nd Edition & Aether Captains Kickstarter Giveaway

Weekender: Unboxing Deadzone 2nd Edition & Aether Captains Kickstarter Giveaway

2 days ago 75

Join us for The Weekender as we Unbox Deadzone 2nd Edition AND give you a chance to win a mega Aether Captains prize!

Battle Foam Add Guild Ball Bags To Their Store

8 days ago 3

Battle Foam are making sure that your Fantasy Football team makes it to their next match in tip top shape with their new Guild Ball Bag.

Battle Foam Create New Trays For Descent: Journeys In The Dark

19 days ago 1

Battle Foam are in the dungeon delving mood with this rather awesome collection of trays for the game, Descent: Journeys In The Dark by Fantasy Flight Games.

Keep Your Star Wars Ships Snug In New Battlefoam Trays

25 days ago 2

Towards the end of March Battle Foam put together a large array of new Foam Trays for you to use when transporting your Star Wars X-Wing miniatures.

Winter Sales Watch – Found Any Good Bargains Online?

160 days ago 55

Just like last year now is the time where we start to see a lot of the bargains popping up online in time for Christmas. We’ve collated a few of them but this is by no means all of them…

Unboxing: Battle Foam – Pathfinder Bag

192 days ago 8

We’re back with another look at what Battle Foam has to offer with their Pathfinder Bag. Do you need somewhere to carry all your RPG paraphernalia?

Unboxing: Battle Foam Eco Box

200 days ago 13

Warren sits down with Justin to go through another unboxing…of a box! We’re taking a look at the Eco Box from Battle Foam.

Unboxing: Battle Foam Privateer Press Tournament Bag

208 days ago 11

Warren joins Justin to check out a limited edition Privateer Press Tournament Bag from Battle Foam perfect for transporting your armies far and wide. We’ve got “Khador Red” and “Cygnar Blue” to look at but which colour will the guys opt for?

Weekender: Big Kickstarters & Battlefleet Gothic Returns

Weekender: Big Kickstarters & Battlefleet Gothic Returns

233 days ago 84

Another great week in the
tabletop gaming world and
we’re here to chat about
some interesting Games
Workshop digital games
and new Kickstarters too…

Very Limited Special Edition Battle Foam Coffin Case At Gen Con

284 days ago 9

Any army of vampires NEEDS to be carried in this outrageous Coffin Case from Battle Foam! Ten super determined gamers will be able to purchase these custom cases at Gen Con and will be the envy of any undead players.

New Battle Foam Tournament Bags For Privateer Press At Lock & Load

333 days ago 0

Bring your Privateer Press armies to your games in fantastic, themed style with Battle Foam’s newest licensed tournament bag! You can buy these in limited quantity at Lock & Load this weekend before they hit the stores.

Battle Foam Offers Eco-friendly Boxes To Store Your Minis

377 days ago 7

Now you can get into a bag/box of custom foam at a more affordable price with Battle Foam’s new storage options. Gamers can get 2 different options with handles and great, flat top stackables to organize your game room.

Keep Your Shiny, New Armada Game Safe In Custom Battle Foam

382 days ago 1

All your shiny, new ships for Star Wars Armada need safe keeping and Battle Foam has you covered. Custom foam trays will do just the trick to keep your (soon to be expanding) game safe when not being played.

Go Covert Ops With Battle Foam & Their Black Molle Bags

461 days ago 2

Battle Foam is now taking pre-orders for their new all black Molle system bags.

Black Friday Deals

Big Black Friday & Christmas Deals Watch! [Updated]

524 days ago 34

This week is Black Friday and that means deals! A few companies out there have been putting together some neat deals for you as the time comes around for thinking about Christmas and getting those all important plastic presents…

Updated with New Companies!