Battle Foam Add Guild Ball Bags To Their Store

April 24, 2016 by brennon

Battle Foam are making sure that your Fantasy Football team makes it to their next match in tip top shape with their new Guild Ball Bag which contains some nifty extras which are going to be great for people who are into the game…

Guild Ball Bag #1

The bag comes with two layers of foam. One of them features the regular foam that you’ll be used to for keeping your 28mm figures safe. It also come with a pick and pluck tray which allows you to make room for some of your bigger miniatures and assorted larger pieces.

Guild Ball Bag #2

Additionally the Bagt also has room for something they have called Benson Boxes (and indeed it comes with two of them) – basically the boxes you could buy from your local Wilkos.

Guild Ball Bag #3

This allows you to keep all of your tokens and more with you within the same case. You also have the space to strap two pens into the bag too so you will always have one of your markers to hand for when you’re marking off wounds and more.

I think this is a nifty set and it’s good to see them adding in the room for token boxes too. The bags will be out in July and pre-orders are open now.

What do you think of the bag?

"I think this is a nifty set and it's good to see them adding in the room for token boxes too..."

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