Battle Foam Star Wars: Destiny Foam Coming Soon [Updated]!

January 13, 2017 by brennon

Available later today, Battle Foam are going to be releasing a set of new Foam and Bag options for those who are collecting and playing Star Wars: Destiny. You’ll be able to pick them up from the UK and US stores soon!

Star Wars Destiny Foam

As you can see the foam has room for a whole bunch of dice, the cards you’ll be using and a spot for the tokens too. While I might put those tokens in a bag I think that this is a great idea as I’m starting to run out of room in my Starter Box!

Star Wars Destiny Foam (C4)

You can see how more of the additional Foam options work in another of the bigger bags they will be producing them for. This set up here is the for the C4 pack while the previous smaller tray was for the basic P.A.C.K Mini.

P.A.C.K Mini (Star Wars)

I do actually have a box (from the launch event) which contains all of my dice and cards but again it’s not very secure and I just know I’m going to end up ruining my cards, even in sleeves. So, maybe I’ll have to plump for the P.A.C.K Mini or maybe the C4 Bag for the whole collection.

P.A.C.K C4 (Star Wars)

One piece of Foam that you might not have noticed was that they also produce a dice tray as part of the set! The larger Foam you can see on the left-hand side of the above image is used by the side of you so you can roll your dice safely.

Destiny Dice Rolling Tray

Not entirely essential but it’s always good to roll your dice in something secure and accessories are always good. Considering the amount of times you end up rolling these big dice and knocking other players components around, this might be a good idea.

The Options

We’ve broken down the options open to you (from the US Store) linked below so you can quickly go and see what you want to pick up…

Hopefully the options will be on the UK store soon.

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"As you can see the foam has room for a whole bunch of dice, the cards you'll be using and a spot for the tokens too..."