The Battle Systems Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter Coming Soon

July 17, 2014 by brennon

Battle Systems have a rather fancy looking Fantasy Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter on the horizon and while we wait for it I thought I’d remind you of the fact since of course Dungeons Sagas (formally Dwarf King’s Hold) is soon coming to Kickstarter too!

Single Level Dungeon

Multi-level Dungeon

Dungeon Tombs

Some of these shots show off just how amazing looking the terrain is. Not only do you get your hands on walls and floors but also plenty to use for props and objectives within the dungeon. Treasure! As well as that they have started to look into making the multi-levelled thing work and the terrain then jumps from being just for dungeon delving to for a mass of other skirmish games as well.

I would love to see how Malifaux plays on this terrain and of course a bit of HeroQuest or Mordheim too! Look out for the Kickstarter soon and maybe it will match up really nicely with the Dungeon Sagas bits and pieces!

What do you think?

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