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Team Yankee Command School: Spearheading the Attack with Reconnaissance

Team Yankee Command School: Spearheading The Attack With Reconnaissance

4 days ago 0

John is joining Phil this week to talk about some methods of using Reconnaissance to aid your team on the tabletop during your games of Team Yankee.

Team Yankee Command School XLBS: Countering Recon With Area Denial

4 days ago 0

In the Frontstage version of the show, Phil showed us how best to use your reconnaissance and how it favours you on the table in Team Yankee and now we’re countering that in XLBS!

Mount Up In Scimitars, Scorpions, Strikers & Spartans For Team Yankee

4 days ago 8

The folks at Battlefront have put together some more plastic sets for you to pick up for British armies in Team Yankee. Two new boxes are available allowing you to make a variety of different vehicles.

Plastic Pumas & Tigers Join The German War Effort In Flames Of War

11 days ago 10

Flames Of War welcomes two new plastic sets this week as we get a look at both the new Puma Panzerspäh Platoon and the Tiger I E Platoon. Each of these sets comes with the ability to build a bevy of vehicles for use in your World War II games.

Team Yankee Command School: Ripping Into The Enemies Defences

Team Yankee Command School: Tactics For Your Horde Of Soviet Hinds

18 days ago 3

“Quantity is a quality, all in it’s own” – In this episode we take a look at the Soviet Hinds…

Team Yankee Command School XLBS: Shooting Soviets Out Of The Skies

18 days ago 1

Airstrikes making your life difficult? One sure way of keeping them out of your hair is the Fliegerfaust Gruppe with Red-Eye AA Missiles!

Team Yankee Unboxing: Kampfgrupper Müller

Team Yankee Unboxing: Kampfgrupper Müller

20 days ago 6

Justin and John are bringing back the 80s metal again with some more Team Yankee from Battlefront Miniatures with Kampfgrupper Müller.

Harriers On Station For The British In Team Yankee

21 days ago 14

Battlefront’s Team Yankee has some new support aircraft for the British.

Battlefront Blast You Out Of The Sky With Team Yankee Rapier SAM Sections

28 days ago 4

Battlefront continues to expand upon the British for Iron Maiden with some new releases taking out targets in the air and on the ground in Team Yankee.

Team Yankee Command School: Flying Hunter Killer Helicopters

Team Yankee Command School: Flying Tips For Killer Choppers

32 days ago 3

Today John’s greeted by Phil Yates to talk about Hunter Killer Helicopters for the US in Team Yankee.

Team Yankee Command School XLBS: Swatting The Hunter Killers

32 days ago 5

Dealing with the Hunter Killer Helicopters in Team Yankee can be tricky however remember that when playing with the Soviets especially, quantity counts.

Team Yankee Unboxing: BM 21 Hail Battery

Team Yankee Unboxing: BM21 Hail Battery

45 days ago 10

Today the dynamic duo are unboxing some more Team Yankee, today we have the BM 21 Hail Battery squad.

Team Yankee Command School: Defending against the Horde

Team Yankee Command School: Defending Against The Horde

46 days ago 1

In Team Yankee, you’re most likely going to run up against the massive Soviet army and taking on that amount of tanks can be a little intimidating at times…

Team Yankee Command School: Outnumbering With The Soviets

46 days ago 5

We have a common phrase at the tabletop, More is More, and this is definitely the case when playing Soviet armies in Team Yankee.

Team Yankee Unboxing: FV432/Swingfire Troop

48 days ago 5

We’re taking a look at more from Team Yankee in an Unboxing of the FV432/Swingfire Troop box for the British by Battlefront Miniatures.