November Brings New Mech’s to Battletech Alpha Strike

October 28, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Catalyst Game Labs was happy to announce that November will bring the addition of 2 new battle packs for Alpha Strike. These pre-assembled mechs will bring 2 new forces into the mech arena.

The first pack is the Battletech: Assault Lance Pack which includes Atlas, Grasshopper, Blackjack and Victor!


Thrown into the thick of the firefight, an assault lance MechWarrior has an ego as wide as a DropShip. That ego was earned in blood, sweat and hard-fought victories in the teeth of the enemy across a hundred worlds…

The second pack is the Battletech: Pursuit Launch Pack which includes Centurion, Clint, Jenner and Wolfhound!


Whether headhunting or running down recon forces, a pursuit lance MechWarrior is a commander’s surgical instrument. Not deployed for just any situation, these specialists are only unleashed to turn the tide of battle…

Will these mechs be walking onto your table?

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