Baueda Yell An Oath To Odin And Sound The Charge

September 20, 2013 by brennon

Baueda might be in the closing stages of their 15mm Norse Irish Campaign but that hasn’t stopped them continuing to support the warriors from the North too. See what you think of their new Charging Vikings

15mm Vikings Charging

These guys might be tiny but they are also pretty might too. They are presented with shields up but ready to throw spears and charge into the enemy lines. You could use these guys as the front line of a larger regiment in a massed battle game.

I’m still not entirely convinced by the prospect of 15mm wargaming in any of the different areas be it sci-fi, fantasy or historical but the way to convince me would be through the Dark Ages.

What kind of games would you use these 15mm figures with?

Drop some games in the comments below.