Concord Troops Drop In For Beyond The Gates Of Antares

December 22, 2014 by brennon

Warlord Games have shown off some more render work and 3D modelling for Beyond the Gates of Antares with the coming of the Concord Drop Troops which you can see above and below…

Concord (Render)

Not bad looking and I do like the weaponry they have as well as the higher backed armour where the pack is giving them a more imposing look…

“Often it is necessary to land troops directly through the planetary atmosphere, and this is where the Concord C3′s Drop Squads come into their own. They are equipped with grav-chutes that enable them to dive safely through the atmosphere, and protected by suspensor field cases which shields them from the heat generated as they plunge downwards to the target. Drop troops are the most heavily armoured and armed of the Concord’s Strike forces, as befits units that must often capture and hold objectives without the support of conventional heavy equipment.”

The Concord are the human faction in the game and it’s going to be interesting seeing how they develop. It would be neat if they took them in a different direction that what you’d assume as humans.

What do you think of them?