Warlord Preview More From Beyond The Gates Of Antares

May 1, 2014 by brennon

Warlord Games have returned from Salute and started getting back into the full swing of things. Of course they did get to show off some more from Beyond The Gates Of Antares and below are a few of their sculpts…

Algoryn Command

Algoryn Squad

First up we have the Algoryn that we’ve seen before. I think of all the troops they have shown off so far these are the ones that have caught my eye. I think the main reason is that they all look as cool as Garrus from Mass Effect. I don’t think I’m enamored with the model who looks like he’s doing some kind of dance but the rest of them look awesome.

Concord Strike Trooper

Another big appearance was from the Concord which we’ve had the pleasure of seeing too. It’s a nice contrast to the Algoryn with the armour being sleek and sculpted to the body. It will be interesting to see if the design evolves more past this concept stage.

Bovan Tuk

Female Boromite

Next up we have more finalised models in the shape of Bovan Tuk and the Female Boromite. Bovan Tuk is one of the Mhagris who are a warrior people living on feral worlds. He sure looks like a leader I wouldn’t want to run into on a dark night. Interestingly Bovan is one of those feral warriors who managed to get together the funds for some better equipment and made a name for himself.

The Female Boromites look much better than their male counterparts and hopefully we’ll see some variants in the future to have your troops represented as them over the male miniatures.

Ghar Battle Armour

Last but not least is the concept work for the Ghar and their Battle Armour. These chaps are genetically engineered soldiers from past wars who now live and breath inside their protective suits rather than show themselves to the world. This aged feel is represented by their clunky, heavy armour and most of their technology being from the distant past. I like the sound of this race.

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