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Prussian High Command Come To Life From Black Hussar

121 days ago 2

Black Hussar Miniatures have previewed some of their upcoming characters that will be commanding soldiers in the field during the Napoleonic period.

Black Hussar’s Prussian Riflemen Line Up Their Shots

197 days ago 2

Black Hussar Miniatures have shown off some more previews for their War of German Unification collection. Here we have their 28mm Prussian Line Infantry getting ready to take a crack shot at the enemy.

Black Hussar Lead Your Prussian Soldiers Into Battle

239 days ago 4

Black Hussar have now added a command element to their War Of German Unification range and more specifically for the Prussians.

Black Hussar Gather Soldiers For The Wars Of German Unification

290 days ago 5

Black Hussar Miniatures have added some previews of what’s coming up this year. See what you think of their soldiers from The Wars Of German Unification who look like they are on the march…