Black Powder British Get A Boost With New Regiments By Warlord Games

June 13, 2017 by brennon

Warlord Games has put together some new metal and plastic regiments for you to drop into the mix for your Black Powder games. The British are getting some fearsome Highlanders!

Highlander Regiment

Fighting on the front lines these fellows were hardy additions to the British army. The set allows you to pull together twenty of these soldiers alongside command elements too. While I don’t think that it would be thematic I’d love to just make an army entirely out of Scottish folk!

Cavalry Charge

As well as the fellows on foot we also have some thundering cavalry too. Made using both plastic and metal in their kits we have the British Household Brigade

British Household Brigade Cavalry

…and the British Union Brigade.

British Union Brigade Cavalry

Each of these sets gives you all manner of colourful characters to throw into the mix to spice up your games. The Union Brigade in particular sound fascinating, a mixed pot of soldiers from all manner of Dragoon regiments.

They all rode particularly aggressive horses too, powerful mounts that wanted to get stuck into a charge. You’d have to be quite the rider to maintain such a beast.

Will you be snapping these fellows up?

"While I don't think that it would be thematic I'd love to just make an army entirely out of Scottish folk!"