Expand Your Black Powder Battles with Albion Triumphant Vol.2

April 8, 2013 by dracs

The second supplement for Warlord’s historical game Black Powder is available to pre-order. Take part in yet more historical battles with Albion Triumphant Volume 2 – The Hundred Days Campaign.

Albion Triumphant

This supplement allows you to recreate some of the pivotal battles of the alter parts of the Napoleonic wars, including the famous Battle of Waterloo.

Albion Triumphant

The book is set to come out in early May, with pre-orders being shipped before Salute.

As we have come to expect, Warlord also  have a special miniature for those of you who buy this supplement from their site. The British Rifleman Sharpe Shooter.

Sharpe Shooter

The Battle of Waterloo holds a unique place in the mind set of military history, so the fact that this supplement will help you to recreate this iconic battle and possibly give it a different outcome means it is sure to be a good addition for any fan of historical gaming.