Run To The Hills With Zombie Indians From Warlord Games

November 1, 2012 by brennon

Halloween might be over but that doesn’t mean you should stop your Weird War gaming, even if its back in the Black Powder period. Check out these Zombie Indians from Warlord Games!

Zombie Indians

Some cool looking miniatures for a stand off at a spooky fort deep in Indian territory. All those Ancient Indian burial grounds you heard about in the movies are suddenly going to make sense! It would be seriously fun to do a zombie stand off against rampaging natives trying to bring down your weakening defenses.

Pontiac and Black Hawk

If you’re trying to keep more grounded in historical fact however Warlord have still got you covered with Pontiac and Black Hawk, legendary leaders from the period of the French Indian War. These new Indian miniatures from Warlord are seriously awesome and certainly provide a nice counter point to the prim and proper uniforms of the colonists.

What do you think of these Indians?