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Black Scorpion Lay Down The Law In Tombstone

1 day ago 3

The Black Scorpion team shared another preview for you this week ahead of their Tombstone Kickstarter. This time we’re checking out the Lawmen.

Black Scorpion Start A Gunfight With Tombstone’s Mexicans

3 days ago 2

Black Scorpion continue their previews for what lies ahead as part of their Tombstone Kickstarter with a look at the Mexican faction. Will you be heading south of the border?

Weekender XLBS: The Daring Raid Of St Nazaire & What's Next For Warlord Games?

Weekender XLBS: The Daring Raid Of St Nazaire & What’s Next For Warlord Games?

5 days ago 138

We’re back for our Backstage chat
as we delve into the world
of tabletop gaming
once more on
The Weekender XLBS.

Protect The Land With The Natives In Black Scorpion’s Tombstone

7 days ago 5

Black Scorpion continue their previews for Tombstone with a look at the Natives faction which will be gracing the game when it hits Kickstarter soon in April. The faction breaks down in a similar fashion to the Outlaws we saw yesterday starting with the Leader.

Black Scorpion Preview Outlaw Faction For Tombstone

8 days ago 6

Black Scorpion has now previewed the line-up for the Outlaws, one of the big factions in Tombstone which is their Wild West skirmish game coming soon to Kickstarter.

Prepare For A Shootout In Black Scorpion’s Tombstone Kickstarter

10 days ago 11

Black Scorpion are going to be bringing the Wild West world of Tombstone to the tabletop soon as they launch a Kickstarter for the project on April 5th.

Black Scorpion’s Tombstone Comes Riding Towards Kickstarter

183 days ago 3

Black Scorpion recently made the exciting news that they will be taking their wild west miniatures range Tombstone to Kickstarter, bringing loads more miniatures and a new skirmish game rulebook!

Black Scorpion Take Limited Edition Salute Kitty To eBay

282 days ago 5

Black Scorpion Miniatures came out with a limited edition sculpt for this year’s Salute and have now made this limited edition miniature available via eBay.

Black Scorpion Miniatures Updates Status On Tombstone

345 days ago 12

Black Scorpion Miniatures announced that they will be launching a new game on Kickstarter in late 2016. Tombstone will feature 7 factions, battling it out in the wild west.

New Miniatures To Arrive From Black Scorpion At Salute

358 days ago 3

Black Scorpion Miniatures has a bunch of new minis available for Salute next week, including a limited edition, “Kitty.” Whether you’re looking for steampunk or fantasy, it’s likely you’ll find something new for your collection.

A Star Player Takes To The Pitch From Black Scorpion

395 days ago 4

Black Scorpion have added another character to their Fantasy Football line-up for those of you who like Humans. Here we have a Star Player of some renown who looks like he’ll be a dominating presence on the tabletop…

Watching The Rugby? Get Down To Some Blood Bowl Too!

Watching The Rugby? Get Down To Some Blood Bowl Too!

559 days ago 13

If you’re getting pumped for the start
of the Rugby World Cup tonight then
how about mixing in some nerdery
with the sports and cracking
out your copy of Blood Bowl
as well!

Black Scorpion Show Off Cowgirls, Pirates & Ogres

612 days ago 5

Black Scorpion have shown us what’s currently sitting on the workbench and what we can look forward to over the next few weeks and months. They have quite a varied selection of ranges now all with very nicely sculpted resin miniatures…

Black Scorpion Wake Up The Woods With New Treeman

647 days ago 8

If you’re looking for one of the best Treemen out there then you can’t knock this impressive model by Black Scorpion Miniatures. While it’s primary role seems to be for their Fantasy Football teams it could easily just pop up in your actual Fantasy Wargaming army…

Amass A Pirate Crew & Play Football In The Jungle With Black Scorpion

721 days ago 5

See what you make of Black Scorpions amazingly huge haul of new resin miniatures coming to Salute 2015 including their special edition piece.