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BlackChapel Reveal More Information On The Inquisition

69 days ago 1

BlackChapel Miniatures has revealed more information on the Inquisition faction that is going to be gracing their Fantasy collection soon.

Inquisition Warband Miniatures Previewed By BlackChapel

70 days ago 3

One of the new factions coming to the BlackChapel line-up are the Inquisition and some of their models were previewed over the weekend.

BlackChapel Miniatures’ Elves Leap From The Trees

230 days ago 11

BlackChapel Miniatures’ Elves are descending from their treetop towers and striking at any invaders that dare to enter their domain! Check them out…

BlackChapel Go Adventuring With More Dwarves & Handgunners

249 days ago 10

BlackChapel Miniatures have released some more Dwarven heroes for you to pick up for your skirmish games and of course to lead from the front during big battles.

Weekender XLBS: Future Campaigns & The Market Grows

Weekender XLBS: Future Campaigns & The Market Grows

436 days ago 116

BlackChapel Add Elves To Their Growing Fantasy World

441 days ago 3

BlackChapel Miniatures have created warbands full of Humans and Dwarfs and now they turn their skills towards creating a range of Elves too.

Dwarven Hunters & Stout Watchers Coming Soon From BlackChapel

552 days ago 1

BlackChapel Miniatures have shown off two of the upcoming Dwarven models that will be popping up soon to join their brothers from under the mountain. See what you make of the Axe Thrower and Watcher…

BlackChapel’s New Heroes Tinker & Bring Out The Hammers

653 days ago 7

BlackChapel Miniatures have got three new awesome additions to their collection. The Warrior Priest, Honor Guard and Alchemist are all ready to be dropped into your skirmish scale warband games and mass battle ones as characters too…

BlackChapel Bring Together New Dwarf Reinforcements

757 days ago 6

See what you think of some more bearded beauties coming out of BlackChapel Miniatures that would be great for Mordheim, leading a new Dwarf Warband or maybe even as unit champions.

BlackChapel Miniatures Show Off More Fantasy Hero Greens

923 days ago 8

BlackChapel Miniatures begin to tease more new factions for their fantasy gaming world where warbands gather for a trip to a potentially cursed city.

BlackChapel’s Warbands Employ More Mighty Dwarfs!

1049 days ago 0

BlackChapel Miniatures have two more Dwarf miniatures joining their collection of adventurers and this time it’s the young and the reckless! A Fanatic and crackpot Engineer join the clans!

BlackChapel Add More Heroes To Their Ragtag Warbands

1061 days ago 1

See what you think of four new additions to the BlackChapel Miniatures line-up. Each warband has been given something new and hopefully you’ll be able to pick them up soon!

BlackChapel Preview Potential Upcoming Miniatures

1198 days ago 0

Check out some awesome sketches for upcoming miniatures by BlackChapel Miniatures. Plenty of Dwarfs and Humans on the cards!

BlackChapel Get Ready To March With New Dwarfs

1232 days ago 6

BlackChapel Miniatures have released their Dwarfen Warband and they all look like they are spoiling for a good scrap in the lowlands.

BlackChapel Bring The Dwarfs Down From The Mountain

1336 days ago 3

See what you think of BlackChapel’s latest jump into the world of fantasy with the best of all races, Dwarfs!