BlackChapel Go Adventuring With More Dwarves & Handgunners

September 16, 2016 by brennon

BlackChapel Miniatures have released some more Dwarven heroes for you to pick up for your skirmish games and of course to lead from the front during big battles.

Dwarf Heroes

We kick things off with a look at the Jarl which you can see in the middle above. Leading the way he looks ready for battle with what is most likely his father’s rune axe.

Jarl (Alt)

If you don’t like him with the helmet tucked under his arm you can switch it out for a shield if you like. Following him along his journey we also have the Axe Thrower who looks like he’s a Ranger tasked with protecting the young Jarl.

Axe Thrower

Last but not least we have the Watcher who is one of the stalwart defenders of the Northern Dwarves. I imagine he might be one of the Dwarves your party of adventurers bump into as you’re heading out into the wilds.


It isn’t all Dwarves with this releases however as they have also been working away on some Humans for the Altreich faction in their world. Here we have their Handgunners.


The crackle of gunfire rings out across the streets of some abandoned city as these Handgunners get stuck into the fighting against another warband of strange mutants.


I like their outfits which are harking back to the Empire of the Old World. Their positioning is good too as they actually look like they are in the middle of combat.

You should make this duo a pair of brothers who have fought together for years, hence why one is kneeling and the other standing so they can fire at their targets together.

What do you think?

"Following him along his journey we also have the Axe Thrower who looks like he's a Ranger tasked with protecting the young Jarl..."