Black Chapel Miniatures Hires More Heroes For Wulfland

July 24, 2013 by brennon

Black Chapel Miniatures has shown off some work-in-progress sculpts for their range of fantasy miniatures. These new heroes for Wulfland are going to be perfect for adding to your Middenheim force in Warhammer Fantasy.

Wulfland Warrior With Hammer

Ice Wizard of Wulfland

These are some great looking heroes that would be great for putting together a Mordheim warband. With the support of the specialist games going down the toilet it’s nice to have different outlets for getting hold of heroes and more for your faction.

As I mentioned both the Warrior with Hammer and Ice Wizard would be great for use in an Empire army too. You could create a nicely themed army based on the Wolves of Ulric!

What do you think of them?