BlackChapel Get Ready To March With New Dwarfs

January 7, 2014 by brennon

BlackChapel Miniatures have finished up their Dwarf Warband and they are now ready to be picked up. See what you think of this ragtag warband from the mountains looking to make their mark in the lowlands.

Dwarf Prince

Guard of the Ancestors Chamber

Venerable of the Ancestors Chamber

First up we’ll look at the lordly figures behind this expedition. We have the Dwarf Prince who looks like he’s the reckless one who started it all. Then, he is flanked by these two white bearded venerable Dwarfs who no doubt were sent by the King to make sure he didn’t get into too much danger.

Warrior with Shield


Along for the ride are also the Warrior with Shield and the Blacksmith. The Blacksmith is a very cool looking miniatures and I like the slightly lifted helmet as he takes a moment out of work. I assume he will be fixing the Prince’s weapons as they wander.

This is quite the cool set of characters and I am right on the edge of picking these up!

What do you think?