Kurt Wyatt Looks for a Better Life in Blackwater Gulch

October 25, 2012 by brennon

Another sneak peek ahead to the Gangfight Games Kickstarter today with a look at one of the bonus miniatures, Kurt Wyatt. This shotgun wielding Wild Westerner has come to Blackwater Gulch looking for a better life…

Kurt Wyatt Kickstarter Miniature

A fairly standard Cowboy style miniature that could easily be a lawman in a Wild West skirmish game. While he certainly doesn’t have the dynamism of some of the miniatures, especially those from the Mexicano Bandidos faction, he does the job. I like the detail that’s gone into his waistcoat and belt and that hat is a damn fine one.

Varmits beware, Kurt Wyatt is on the warpath. The Kickstarter should be starting toward the end of this week, beginning of next!

Look out for it soon.