Some Strange New Folks Be Wanderin’ Into Blackwater Gulch

August 15, 2017 by dracs

Gangfight Games are adding some new characters to their wild west horror game Blackwater Gulch.

But I Didn’t Shoot No Deputy

The first of three new Lawmen Deputy sculpts has made her debut appearance.

Lawmen Deputy

This sculpt shows a good degree of cocky swagger. This deputy looks like the kind of confident heroin you would expect to see in a pulpy wild west movie.

The Frontier of Fantasy

Gangfight Games are also considering adding traditional fantasy races to stand alongside Blackwater Gulch’s horror focus.

These include a dwarf snakeoil salesman, an orc bounty hunter and an elf drifter.

Dwarf Snakeoil Salesman

Orc Bounty Hunter

Elf Drifter

These character sketches have me really excited. I love seeing such fantasy trope characters as these being adapted for different settings. The elf gunslinger is a particularly cool blend of fantasy and western style.

Which of these characters do you like best?

"A particularly cool blend of fantasy and western style."