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Blight Wheel Start Their Own Jurassic Park With A Styracosaurus

223 days ago 2

There were previews of this little fellow last year but now the Young Styracosaurus is available from Blight Wheel Miniatures for all of your Prehistoric adventuring on the tabletop.

Blight Wheel Miniatures Go Trucking To Salute 2015

852 days ago 5

Will you be going trucking with this rather robust looking War Truck from Blight Wheel Miniatures?

Blight Wheel Bring a Bird to Salute

1246 days ago 8

It looks as though Blight Wheel Miniatures are going to be giving everyone the bird at this year’s Salute as they preview the new cavalry miniatures that they will be bringing with them.

Something BIG From Blight Wheel This Way Comes!

1595 days ago 6

Check out a fairly massive addition to the Blight Wheel Miniatures collection with their Mecha-Prometheus kit that certainly requires a closer look!

Armour Up With Blight Wheel Miniatures New Torsos

1604 days ago 0

Check out some basic Torsos you can use for your 28mm scale soldiers thanks to Blight Wheel Miniatures.

Blight Wheel Miniatures Unleash A Komodo Warrior At Salute

1612 days ago 0

Check out this Salute promotional miniature from the folks at Blight Wheel Miniatures.

It’s Bionic Veterans Day At Blight Wheel Miniatures

1735 days ago 0

Blight Wheel Miniatures show what happens when your soldiers from the tabletop turn into Veterans.

Blight Wheel Miniatures Head Down To The Swamps

1745 days ago 4

Check out newest mutants in town from Blight Wheel Miniatures.

Blight Wheel Continue the Arming of Grant’s Spectres

1779 days ago 6

Blight Wheel Miniatures continue to kit out the Spectres with their latest weapon sprues.

Blight Wheel’s Spectres Gear Up for War

1799 days ago 0

Blight Wheel Miniatures kit out Grant’s Spectres ready for the coming war.

Say Hello to Igor the Warbot from Blight Wheel Miniatures

1860 days ago 2

Will you be giving Igor the Warbot a good home?