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Weekender XLBS: Warren's Vikings Warband; From TV To Tabletop

Weekender XLBS: Warren’s Vikings Warband; From TV To Tabletop

5 days ago 120
Community Spotlight: Ladies, Quick Rats, Jungle Totems & OZAK Soldiers

Community Spotlight: Ladies, Quick Rats, Jungle Totems & OZAK Soldiers

7 days ago 9

Join us for another Community Spotlight today as we delve into what you’ve been doing in the Hobby & Painting Forum here on Beasts Of War.

The Bright Crusaders Hit The Blood Bowl Pitch From Forge World

13 days ago 12

Forge World has been working on a new Human team for you to play with when you get down to some Blood Bowl. Here we have the Bright Crusaders.

Throw A Hail Mary Pass With The Blood Bowl Troll

32 days ago 9

Games Workshop has been winding up their throwing arm to throw one hell of a hail mary pass with their new Blood Bowl Troll!

The Totally Illegal Dwarf Deathroller Churns Into Blood Bowl

34 days ago 12

Forge World has trundled out quite the illegal piece of kit for the Dwarfs to use in Blood Bowl. See what you make of the Deathroller which has trapped some poor hapless Goblin!

Griff Oberwald & A Snarling Rat Ogre Hit The Blood Bowl Pitch

49 days ago 15

Forge World has released two new big players for your games of Blood Bowl on the tabletop. First off we have the dashing looking Griff Oberwald who has dropped his famous winged helm to make sure the crowd know who he is…

Community Spotlight: Fantasy Footballers, Infinity's ALEPH & Romans In The Snow

Community Spotlight: Fantasy Footballers, Infinity’s ALEPH & Romans In The Snow

56 days ago 18

The Reikland Reavers & A Blood Bowl Ogre Hit The Pitch From Games Workshop

62 days ago 28

Released onto their webstore for pre-order this week Games Workshop has a new release and another which has escaped the confines of its Starter Box. Here we have the new Blood Bowl Ogre…

Pick Up Blood Bowl Star Player Varag Ghoul-Chewer From Forge World

76 days ago 17

Forge World has released another Star Player onto the Blood Bowl pitch as we turn out attention to Varag Ghoul-Chewer, stomping his way onto the pitch in search of something to crush.

New Dwarf Team, Pitches & More Added To The Blood Bowl Collection

90 days ago 37

The folks at Games Workshop has put together some new Blood Bowl goodies for folks to get stuck into. Leading the way is their new Dwarf Giants team with some fantastic models…

Make The Big Blood Bowl Plays With Forge World’s Mighty Zug

90 days ago 9

Forge World continue to grow their Blood Bowl range with the addition of Star Player, Mighty Zug, to the pitch.

Blood Bowl’s Dwarf Team & Star Players Looking Epic

114 days ago 35

Games Workshop and Forge World were showing off more of what’s on the horizon for Blood Bowl this year as they took a peek at the awesome Dwarf Team and some Star Players too.

Snap Up New Battle Foam Blood Bowl Kits To Keep Teams Safe

115 days ago 2

While Battle Foam already does a Foam Tray Kit for your nice new copy of Blood Bowl they have also heard the whispers from the community and have designed a new Foam Kit which works specifically with the new set from Games Workshop.

Blood Bowl Gets Its Referees From Forge World

140 days ago 9

Forge World has now added their pair of Referees to many a Blood Bowl players collection. Both a Halfling and a Goblin have hit the pitch, both to be bribed in different ways.


Weekender: Epic Kickstarters Go To War!

153 days ago 50

Join us for The Weekender today
where we’re unveiling the winners
of Hobbyween and diving into a
mighty battle on Kickstarter!