Throw A Hail Mary Pass With The Blood Bowl Troll

March 27, 2017 by brennon

Games Workshop has been winding up their throwing arm to throw one hell of a hail mary pass with their new Blood Bowl Troll!

Blood Bowl Troll

Trolls are a hilarious addition to your team, especially if you’re running an All-Goblin team. One of my most successful teams in a Blood Bowl league had some star Trolls running the show.

Blood Bowl Troll (Detail)

This particular version of the Troll has been based on the look of the River Trolls from the Old World and shows him winding up, ready for a throw that will most likely end in a dead Goblin.

I really like this sculpt, showing off a player in the middle of the action. I was a little bit confused by the model when I first saw it, but after taking a look at the model from a few different angles I understood just how he was posed. Made in plastic, this will be a fun kit to play around with.

Will you be picking one up for your Orc team?

"Trolls are a hilarious addition to your team, especially if you're running an All-Goblin team..."