Azrat Firestorm Descends On The Tabletop From Blood Keep Miniatures

December 3, 2015 by brennon

Blood Keep Miniatures have revealed another of their big models which is now available to snap up for your collection. Azrat Firestorm is a swirling maelstrom of fiery death looking to slaughter entire armies…

Azrat Firestorm (Painted)

Azrat comes in at a rather stunning 160mm tall and with an astounding amount of detail worked into the final product after the digital sculpt. I think he looks a little bit like Ifrit, an Islamic entity from myth and legend.

Azrat Firestorm #1

Azrat Firestorm #2

You can see the final model above in more detail and I could see this proving to be a challenging model to paint but rewarding at the end of it. If you’re a big fan of demons then you’re going to have fun working with the flaming aspects of the miniatures.

I’d be interested to see what some people could do when converting the model into a balefire coloured demon. The change from red and orange to blue and green would be interesting.

What do you think?

"If you're a big fan of demons then you're going to have fun working with the flaming aspects of the miniatures..."