Be Blown Away By Blood Keep’s Astounding Sculpts

August 3, 2015 by brennon

Blood Keep Miniatures are a company that, to my fault, I’d never heard of before this morning! After checking out their Facebook Page however I think I can safely say I’ve been won over by their utterly astounding sculpts. See what you think of Varkai…


This is certainly not the caped crusader. Varkai is a huge bat like beast that would no doubt find a hope in the army of any vampire. I love the flesh peeling away around the bone and that stretch maw letting out a piercing shriek.

Varkai (Front)

Varkai (Detail)

Varkai (Rear)

…and this is just a taster of what these three brothers from Malta can do. The scale of these models hasn’t been revealed yet but I can imagine most of their monsters are fairly huge pieces.

A Menagerie Of Monsters

Below are just three more of their monsters – there are plenty more where these came from. You can see the renders for Azrat and Maara plus the finished 3D sculpt for the Troll Berserker.


One thing they have mentioned over on Facebook is that they want to keep the range as affordable as possible while also respecting the amount of detail work that goes into making the models.

Troll Berserker


When these hit stores, Kickstarter, or whatever else Blood Keep want to release them through I’m pretty sure they are going to be snapped up. There are plenty of armies looking for figurehead pieces to stand at the centre of their massed ranked infantry.

Plus, painters are going to get a real kick out of these. As you can see from the Troll Berserker above he has a gorgeous amount of detail worked into every facet of his design.

Are you as blown away as me?

"The scale of these models hasn't been revealed yet but I can imagine most of their monsters are fairly huge pieces..."