Blood Rage Board Game Kicks Off Today So Grab The Rules!

March 2, 2015 by brennon

Blood Rage, a combined effort between Guillotine Games and Studio McVey to bring the vision of Eric Lang and Adrian Smith to the tabletop, will be kicking off on Kickstarter later this evening (for us here in the UK). With that in mind they’ve put together the Rulebook for you to check out AND shown of the singular pledge level for the game…

Ragnarok Pledge Level + Exclusive Miniature

Wolfman (Art)

The base pledge level that you see above gets you the core box for the game plus the rather awesome looking Wolfman Monster that has been translated into plastic from the artwork you can see above by Adrian Smith. It’s good to see that they’re keeping things simple and focusing on just getting you in to pledge rather than having to fiddle with all kinds of weird options.

We’re assuming the Add-Ons are going to be big for this game so watch out for them plus the stretch goals of course. In the mean time digest the rules and see if this is a game you want to pledge for!

To Valhalla!