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Join A Gang In The Underway Datapack For Netrunner

8 hours ago 0

Another bit of Netrunner news for you today from Fantasy Flight Games. This time we’re joining a gang down in The Underway with a new Runner who is an adept at shipping ‘goods’ through more backstreet channels. Oh and he comes with the support of some rather deadly gang members.

MTG Arena Of The Planeswalkers Board Game Is Now Available

13 hours ago 3

Now players can represent their favorite planeswalkers in Wizard of the Coast’s, Arena of the Planeswalkers board game! Choose one of five beloved planeswalkers and defeat your enemy with the help of your powerful army and of course, lots of Magic!

River Horse Grab The Rights To Jim Henson’s Labyrinth!

18 hours ago 25

River Horse have just told us that they’ve acquired the rights to something a little bit special! They now have the rights to produce a board game based on the world of Labyrinth by Jim Henson!

Painted Metal Miniatures Popping Up For Cyberpunk HINT

1 day ago 2

Human Interface: Nakamura Tower have shown off some of the finished metal models for their game painted up nicely. See what you think of these characters along with a step by step of how the models go from prototype to metal…

Travel To Kala Ghoda In New Data Pack For Netrunner

1 day ago 0

Fantasy Flight Games have given us the details on a whole new cycle of cards coming to Android: Netrunner starting with Kala Ghoda which explores the Indian Union in the Mumbad Cycle. Will you travel to this new city in search of your next Corporate takedown?

Adventures Under The Sea Begin With Rivals Kickstarter

2 days ago 4

Miniature board games have just been taken to the ocean floor in the Kickstarter, Rivals: Masters of The Deep! This underwater quest for UnderAether is full of the cutest chibi minis and is sure to provide fun as 2 players face off as either topsiders or sea creatures.

Megacon Games Releases Myth Patch 2.0

3 days ago 2

Are you looking to take your Myth game to the next level? Megacon Games released Rise of The Revenant, Myth Patch 2.0 today and it’s full of all the great stuff you need to make game play even more fun!

Fantasy Flight Games Brings Back The Samurai

3 days ago 3

Fantasy Flight Games continues to roll out titles, this time for a reboot of Samurai, the tile placement game.

Win All 4 Demigods Painted

Demigods Evolution Demo Game + Win All 4 Demigods Painted

4 days ago 154

The Two-Faced Planeswalkers Of Magic Origins

5 days ago 10

The Planeswalkers of the upcoming Magic Origins set will be shaking things up a bit with their two-sided nature. Planeswalkers will enter as Legendary Creatures and have to transform into their planeswalker form through individual qualifications.

Make The Tough Choices In The Conflicted: Deck 5 Desolation Kickstarter

6 days ago 2

How well do you really know your friends? Well enough to do anything for them, or maybe just well enough to leave in the dust as a snack for a zombie hoard? Make the hard decisions amongst friends in the Conflicted: Deck 5 Desolation Kickstarter.

Magic Origins Clash Pack On The Horizon For MTG

8 days ago 1

If you haven’t had the chance to try out a Clash Pack from Wizards of the Coast, then now’s your time! Magic the Gathering’s upcoming release, Magic Origins, comes out this July and with it, a new Clash Pack. How better to bring your friends into the game of Magic?

Explore The Dark Side of Mos Eisley In FFG’s Imperial Assault

8 days ago 3

Fantasy Flight Games helps keep the excitement going for all things Star Wars, with their next expansion for Imperial Assault.

Demigods Evolution Sculpt Up Israfel – Angel Of Song

8 days ago 2

Based on the Angelarium Kickstarter project Demigods Evolution have sculpted up Israfel, the Angel of Song for their Kickstarter campaign. She will now be available as a character for the game and she’s looking neat…

Mantic Holding The DreadBall UK Regional 2015 Tournament

10 days ago 7

Mantic Games, in association with their Pathfinders, are running a series of DreadBall Regional Tournaments throughout 2015. You can head over to the Events & Tickets section to get yours for the region you like best…