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Exclusive! Deadzone Hard Plastic Veer-Myn On The Way!

15 hours ago 22

Mantic Games have dropped a rather interesting data-pack in our laps! The Veer-Myn are ready to slink their way into the world of Deadzone so keep an eye out for a new hard plastic multi-part kit with their new Kickstarter.

The Dragons of Tarkir Take Flight In the Final Set In the Khans of Tarkir Block

1 day ago 3

Dragons take to the skies in the 3rd, and final set in the Khans of Tarkir block for Magic the Gathering! New and old mechanics make the game even more interesting as the Clans attempt to command the dragons and defeat their opponents.

Myth Journeyman Kickstarter Launches March 9th & New 2.0 Rules!

2 days ago 19

See the new cover art for the additional expansions for Myth coming your way later this month AND the news that the new 2.0 Rules are up for download so you can give the game a go with fresh eyes!

Blood Rage Smashing Down & Raiding Stretch Goals!

2 days ago 8

Blood Rage is up on Kickstarter and it’s smashing down stretch goals left, right and centre. You can also check out a big gameplay video from Jogando within too!

Many A Resin Hero Now Ready For Battle In Demigods Rising!

2 days ago 2

Demigods Rising has shown off a whole bunch of their pretty epic sculpts for the fantastic board game we checked out a while ago on the Weekender. See what you think of the selection!

Blood Rage Board Game Kicks Off Today So Grab The Rules!

3 days ago 5

Blood Rage kicks off later today and in the mean time they’ve shown off the pledge level for the game plus given you the rulebook to flick through!

Deadzone Pathfinders Lead The Way For Mantic This March

3 days ago 13

Mantic Games are once again heading to Kickstarter with Deadzone Infestation. In the mean time they have a whole bunch of cool new Pathfinders for you to look at AND a short story to read!

Mantic Games’ Dungeon Saga Beta Rules Now Available!

5 days ago 4

See what some of the painted miniatures for Dungeon Saga are looking like AND check out the Beta rules for the game so you can give it a go and help Mantic with the feedback.

Roll Your Way To Success With the New Imperial Assault Dice Packs

5 days ago 0

No more fighting over dice. Fantasy Flight released an Imperial Assault Dice Pack to get you more dice to roll your way to success. Double your dice from the core set and players can have their own set.

Elspeth & Kiora Meet In The New Duel Deck Release For Magic

5 days ago 2

The Multiverse of Magic the Gathering are getting another epic battle today. Wizards of the Coast released the newest Duels Decks: Elspeth Vs. Kiora! Forces from the land and sea will face off in this new battle from one box.

Card Game Review: One Night Werewolf!

5 days ago 7

It’s time to check out a favourite card game of ours for down the pub! Check out this review of One Night Werewolf which should be a staple part of any game collection!

DreadBall Academy: Welcome to Xtreme!

DreadBall Academy: Welcome to Xtreme!

5 days ago 3

DreadBall Academy: Game Time! Playing Xtreme!

5 days ago 11

Get ready for some extreme gaming as Warren gears up for some revenge in a game of DreadBall XTreme!

This is the low down and dirty street version of DreadBall where there’s no referee, practically no rules and plenty of dirty tricks to play on your opponent!

Swift Swordsmen & Hard Nosed Security Officers For HINT!

6 days ago 3

Things heat up as another hero pops up for HINT alongside someone we’re assuming is going to be quite the boss for you to fight! Need to take down cybernetically enhanced heroes? Call in an expert.

Board Game Geek 2014 Winners & Runners Up Announced!

6 days ago 1

Check out the really cool Golden Geek Awards for 2014 where they go through not only the winners but also runners up that are all worth checking out.