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The Iron Golem Clanks Into The World Of Super Dungeon Explore

15 hours ago 3

Acting as a foe for you to face in your games of Super Dungeon Explore you can now pick up the Iron Golem from Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures.


Weekender: Awesome Icarus Prize & Star Saga; Adventures in Spaaace!

18 hours ago 91

We’ve got a chock-a-block full show for you this week where we’re talking to Mantic Games about Star Saga and Hyacinth Games about Wreck-Age too.

More Skilled Warriors Join The Clans Of Ninja All-Stars

1 day ago 1

Some additional characters have joined the fighting for honour and glory as part of Ninja All-Stars.

Play A Fast & Fun Fantasy Card Game With Unreal Estate

2 days ago 0

Sometimes you just need a quick and easy game to play with your friends or family, that’s easy to teach and can be easily transported. The Grand Gamers Guild has you covered with their current Kickstarter, Unreal Estate.

Plastic Soldier Company Launches Quartermaster General: 1914 On Kickstarter

3 days ago 6

Plastic Soldier Company has a new Kickstarter going to bring the next iteration of Quartermaster General to life and this time they are covering the First World War.

Modiphius & Ninja Division Team Up For Chibi Siege Of The Citadel Miniatures

5 days ago 13

Modiphius’ newest project on Kickstarter, Siege of the Citadel, is going great guns having bust through many of its stretch goals. The news today, however, follows a Chibi partnership with Ninja Division!

Kingdom Death Kickstarter II To Drop On Black Friday

6 days ago 9

If you missed out on Kingdom Death: Monster on its first run, then you should be very excited to hear you’ll get another crack at it this November.

Gorechosen Boxed Game Pre-Orders Open For Age Of Sigmar Fans

8 days ago 15

Gorechosen, the next boxed game for Age of Sigmar, is now just one week away from release. You can now pre-order the game proper over on the Games Workshop website.

Family Guy: Stewie’s Sexy Party Game Rules & Contents Detailed

8 days ago 1

Gale Force Nine have now given us a better look inside the box for Stewie’s Sexy Party, the new board game coming to the tabletop later this year.

Mantic’s Sci-Fi Dungeon Crawler Star Saga Launches On Kickstarter This September

8 days ago 122

Mantic Games’ Sci-Fi dungeon crawler, Star Saga: The Eiras Contract, is set to launch on Kickstarter September 26th 2016. Are you ready for this one?

Four Planeswalkers Enter Kaladesh In MTG’s Upcoming Release

8 days ago 2

The newest set for Magic the Gathering is set to drop on September 30th. Kaladesh, the pinnacle of innovation, will bring with it a host of desirable artifacts, and 4 planeswalkers to to try to control them.

Lovely Painted Minis Join Jon The Bard In Red Panda’s Wander

9 days ago 4

Why take a traditional adventurer party into your game when you could take a band of quirky little animal adventurers? We’re starting to see Red Panda’s Wander minis take shape and get some lovely paint work.

Munchkin Grimm Tidings Hits The Shelves From Steve Jackson Games

12 days ago 4

Now you can pick up the latest Munchkin game at your favorite, local, corner store, Walgreens. Steve Jackson Games’, Munchkin Grimm Tidings captures the whimsy of your favorite fairytales in one of the most popular card games out there.

Dunwich Legacy Expansion Announced For The Arkham Horror Card Game

12 days ago 6

If you’re excited for the Arkham Horror: The Card Game release by Fantasy Flight Games then you’ll be even happier to know that there is already an expansion planned, The Dunwich Legacy.

Super Chibi Round Two Brings Four New Chibi Characters To Life

13 days ago 4

If it’s chibi you want, then Midnight Heroes will deliver with their latest Kickstarter, Super Chibi Round Two! Four new 30mm chibi characters are headed your way to add to your collections and next year, they will be part of their own game.