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Become A Super Villain In Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game

22 hours ago 1

Ever want to try your luck at being the super villain trying to pull off the ultimate heist? Now you can in Batman: The Animated Series Dice GameSteve Jackson Games and Cryptozoic along with DC Comics.

A Sneak Peek At Cards From Upcoming Aether Revolt For Magic The Gathering

2 days ago 7

Magic The Gathering has the next set in the Kaledesh block dropping this January – just in time for you to spend your Christmas money! Aether Revolt looks to be an exciting set with some super strong Planeswalkers.

The Infamous Crime Lord, Jabba The Hut, Joins Star Wars: Imperial Assault

3 days ago 4

There’s a new boss in town- at least on Tattooine. Jabba the Hutt is making his way into Fantasy Flight Games’ Imperial Assault, and he brings some BIG skills to the table.

Fantasy Flight Games Offers New Mat For Star Wars Destiny

4 days ago 9

Star Wars Destiny the new card and dice game from FFG has its first accessory.

The Bomber Girls Gang & Cyborgs Come To HINT

6 days ago 12

It looks like the future is bright for the future of Human Interface: Nakamura Tower as they showed off some interesting new characters for their new gang. See what you think of the characters for the Bomber Girls…

Let's Play Kingdom Death Monster - Lantern Year Three

Let’s Play Kingdom Death Monster – Lantern Year Three

7 days ago 46

It’s time for us to head back to the world
of Kingdom Death: Monster here at BoW
Towers for Lantern Year Three.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon Funds & We Get A Norse Teaser Of What’s Next!

7 days ago 36

The people have spoken and the battle for Olympus will begin next year as Mythic Battles: Pantheon was funded. However, we also got a teaser at what’s next for them as they build on the Mythic Battles project. Do you fancy Norse mythology next?

Mantic Share Their December Releases For Dungeon Saga & Warpath

7 days ago 3

Mantic Games has put together a look at what’s coming for December. Dungeon Saga bits and pieces join forces with some neat books for those interested in the Sci-Fi side of things too.

CMON To Launch The World Of Smog: The Rise Of Moloch On Kickstarter In January

7 days ago 6

The Gentlemen of the Unicorn Club are joining forces to protect the crown this January in the latest Kickstarter from CoolMiniOrNot. The World Of Smog: The Rise of Moloch drop players into the Victorian world of Smog in alternative England


A Treat For Mythic Battles Backers & Everyone Else With A FREE Account!

8 days ago 32

Welcome Mythic Battles: Pantheon Backers! Come and check out loads of FREE content including interviews and some gameplay too!

Final Hours For Mythic Battles: Pantheon Kickstarter

8 days ago 39

The amazingly fun Kickstarter for Mythic Battles: Pantheon is coming to a close with just a few hours left before we begin the wait until the box comes to our door.

Ninja Division & Soda Pop Miniatures Announce Super Dungeon Arena!

10 days ago 5

Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures are at it again and promise more Chibi goodness this January! Look for Super Dungeon Arena to be available online and from your FLGS.

Final Days For Shadows Of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress With Stretch Goals Galore!

11 days ago 0

Shadows Of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress from Flying Frog Productions is now closing in on the final few hours of their Kickstarter unlocking some great goodies…

The Rise Of The Titans Expansion Comes To Mythic Battles: Pantheon

12 days ago 18

The massive Rise of the Titans Expansion has now been added to the pool of awesome goodies on the way for Mythic Battles: Pantheon.


Weekender: Epic Kickstarters Go To War!

13 days ago 50

Join us for The Weekender today
where we’re unveiling the winners
of Hobbyween and diving into a
mighty battle on Kickstarter!