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Osprey Games Bringing Escape From Colditz Back!

3 days ago 10

Osprey Games are going to be working to bring one of the most well known board games back, Escape From Colditz!

The Heroes Of Normadie: Strategic Resupply Kickstarter Is Go

4 days ago 2

Devil Pig Games has a great little project going to round out Heroes of Normandie collection. The Heroes of Normandie: Strategic Resupply features bonus content and unique storage components to house your war game.

The Rebels Fight Back With Echo Base Troopers In Star Wars: Imperial Assault

5 days ago 3

Fantasy Flight Games are sending some reinforcements for the Rebels to try and hold Echo Base in Star Wars: Imperial Assault. See what you make of the new Echo Base Trooper Pack which comes with two troopers and a bunch of cards to help them in the fighting…

The Rules For Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game Now Online

5 days ago 4

Fantasy Flight Games have now posted the Rulebook for the Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game online. You can now get to grips with this revamping of the original format which I think is looking superb…

Board Game Review: Explore The Supernatural & Solve A Murder In Asmodee's Mysterium

Board Game Review: Explore The Supernatural & Solve A Murder In Asmodee’s Mysterium

5 days ago 7

Make Money Sailing The High Seas In Privateers! Kickstarter

7 days ago 1

Be the captain of your very own ship in the fantastic board game, Privateers! The Golden Decade on Kickstarter right now. Battle against other captains and their ships. Buy, sell and trade to improve your ship and crew, but beware- the sea is not always kind.

Commandos & Doctors Hit The Streets Of Human Interface: Nakamura Tower

8 days ago 4

The minds behind Human Interface: Nakamura Tower have shown off some more of their miniatures coming soon with the board game launching soon(ish). See what you think of the Blackstone Commandos with Major Zack and then his operators, Sin and Rocco…

Weekender XLBS: GW Returning To Specialist Games?

Weekender XLBS: GW Returning To Specialist Games?

8 days ago 264

Join us for a relaxing Sunday
morning with The Weekender
XLBS where we’re chatting
about the revival of Specialist
Games From Games
Workshop and more…

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Weekender: Boot Camp Building Tour & 4Ground's Sci-Fi Buildings

Weekender: Boot Camp Building Tour & 4Ground’s Sci-Fi Buildings

9 days ago 395

Come and join us for an epic Weekender
where we’re talking Team Yankee &
4Ground Terrain AND giving away
some awesome prizes!

Steve Jackson Games’ Munchkin Is Getting A Marvel Overhaul

10 days ago 8

While it might seem like the cash cow that is Munchkin is relentless people keep buying them so they will continue to make them. The latest endeavour is one alongside USAopoly as they announced Munchkin Marvel Edition…

Fantasy Flight Games Begin Their Holiday Sales

10 days ago 3

If you’re really interested in picking up some bargains and you live in the Americas then I suggest going over to the Fantasy Flight Games webstore where they are currently running their Holiday Sales. There are some very tempting offers…

Artisan Dice Offers Special Intoxicating Dice

10 days ago 4

With the holidays coming, are you looking for that one unique special present for the gamer in yourli

Unboxing: Dungeon Saga – The Adventurer’s Companion

11 days ago 38

We’re joined by Stewart from Mantic Games again to have a look through Dungeon Saga’s Adventurer’s Companion, where even the furniture fights back!

Star Wars: Imperial Assault Welcomes General Sorin

12 days ago 0

If you’re looking to bring a lot of Droids and Vehicles to the tabletop for the Empire in Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars: Imperial Assault then you will need the aid of the deadly General Sorin…

Community Painting Picks – What’s Been On The Painting Table?

12 days ago 21

It’s time to take a look at what’s been going on in the community when it comes to hobby and painting! See some of our choice picks from the last couple of weeks and maybe even show off your own projects too…