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HINT Arm Their Riot Officers For Heavy Resistance

16 hours ago 3

Human Interface: Nakamura Tower has another new model to show off that is currently in the render stage. This latest addition to the Riot Control team is Officer Gutierez who comes with a rather deadly electopulse cannon.

Weekender: Do The Age Of Sigmar Judicators Hit The Mark?

Weekender: Do The Age Of Sigmar Judicators Hit The Mark?

17 hours ago 75

We’re talking about Age Of Sigmar and those new
Judicators and don’t forget to see if you were
the winner of Journey: Wrath Of Demons

Go Behind The Scenes Of Game Of Thrones The Card Game 2nd Edition

1 day ago 5

The Game of Thrones 2nd Edition Card Game is coming very soon to stores all around the world. There are some copies at Gen Con too! With that in mind learn a bit more about how the game came to be with the behind the scenes feature video above from Fantasy Flight Games…

Warhammer Quest Is Back With The Adventure Card Game

1 day ago 25

Warhammer Quest is back from Fantasy Flight Games with the Adventure Card Game. You can find out more about the game below and in the video above!

Ares Games Show Off The Roguish Shae For Swords & Sorcery

1 day ago 1

Ares Games have shown off some more artwork and render design for another character that will be part of Swords & Sorcery when it comes to Kickstarter in September. Shae is the latest character, a rogue and trickster – a staple part of any Fantasy adventure…

Gale Force Nine To Develop New Star Trek Board Game Series

2 days ago 9

There’s no images of it yet but we’ve had news through that Gale Force Nine are going to be snatching up that Star Trek licence in order to make a new board game series that will launch in the summer of 2016!

The Banner Saga Getting Board Game Thanks To Megacon

2 days ago 2

The Banner Saga is a thought provoking and deeply tactical story game by Stoic Studios. The combat is perfectly designed for board game play too so Megacon Games are doing that!

Kingdom Death Comes To Gen Con With New Twilight Knight

2 days ago 16

Kingdom Death and Monster will be at Gen Con this year so if you’re wandering around the trader hall you might spot their rather beautiful (and weird) creations. They are also bringing the rather special Sci-Fi Twilight Knight for you to snatch up…

Mantic At Gen Con With Dungeon Saga’s Legendary Mortibris

3 days ago 9

Mantic Games are prepping for the coming of Dungeon Saga later this year and you can still pre-order the game and get your hands on a copy of the Legendary Mortibris model as long as you do so before July 31st or September with Mantic Points.

DUST Studio Showing Off Incredible Terrain At Gen Con

3 days ago 15

DUST Studios is coming to Gen Con and bring some really epic looking terrain for their demo table. I can’t wait till I see it in person.

Ares Games & Gremlin Project Announce Sword & Sorcery Board Game Kickstarter

4 days ago 7

In September, gamers can take up arms to back the latest Kickstarter from Ares Games and Gremlin Project, Sword & Sorcery. This crawler style, cooperative board game looks like it brings a clever storyline as well as some stunning miniatures. Follow Dawn & Gianna at Gen Con to catch up with Ares Games.

Get Creative & Help Make A Card For Chainsaw Warrior

4 days ago 1

Auroch Digital have opened their doors to submissions for a competition where you could work on designing a card for their digital interpretation of Chainsaw Warrior and the new version of the game, Lords Of The Night.

Greenbrier’s Zpocalypse 2 Defend The Burbs Overruns Kickstarter

4 days ago 2

If you’re looking for a zombie game then you can’t go too far wrong when it comes to Greenbrier Games’ Zpocalypse. They had major success with their original game and Defend The Burbs brings more characters, action, scenarios and of course zombie slaying weapons into the mix…

Learn The Rules Of The Undercity With Privateer Press

4 days ago 6

Privateer Press are going to be bringing The Undercity along with them to Gen Con this year for demos. Above is a gameplay tutorial showing you how to begin playing the game and some of the basics and you can find a copy of the full rules to download HERE too.

Unboxing: Super Dungeon Explore – Forgotten King

4 days ago 26

Justin’s returning to the dungeon and he’s taking John with him as they seek to tackle more foes in Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King from Soda Pop Miniatures & Ninja Division.