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IDW & 20th Century Fox Announce X-Files: Conspiracy Theory


For all those that love the things that make you go hmmmm, IDW Games and 20th Century Fox Consumer Products have announced a new deductive party game to accomplish that very thing. Be on the lookout for X-Files: Conspiracy Theory EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED to drop in March 2018 with the fan favorite show’s 25th anniversary.

Will You Escape The Awful Orphanage On Kickstarter?


The Awful Orphanage is an upcoming game that will be heading to Kickstarter where you will be looking to escape its dark and foreboding walls!

Monolith Showcase Batmobile For Gotham City Chronicles


Monolith has showcased another model for Batman: Gotham City Chronicles, which will be coming to Kickstarter in February. This time however it isn’t a character but the iconic Batmobile.

Creating An LED Pirate Table For British Vs Pirates


British Vs Pirates Vol. II is headed to Kickstarter next month, so it’s no wonder there’s pirate enthusiasm in the British Vs Pirates Cove community page on Facebook. Check out the stunning LED table under construction from Steve Perry!

Let's Play: Nemesis

Let’s Play: Nemesis


Az is joined by the Editors for a
play-through of new space horror
board game Nemesis which launches
on Kickstarter soon!


HATE: The Board Game Pre-Kickstarter Livestream


You can re-watch us checking out the prototype
of HATE from CMON and Guillotine Games

Catch Nemesis On Kickstarter Early For Day One Free Medic Add-On


Awaken Realms and Rebel Games are soon going to be hitting Kickstarter with Nemesis, a deadly board game of survival horror origins.

Highlander: The Board Game Now On Kickstarter


River Horse are now live on Kickstarter with Highlander: The Board Game. Prepare for The Quickening!

Weekender XLBS: Welcome Back & Win Yourself A Mythic Battles Typhon Pledge!

Weekender XLBS: Welcome Back & Win Yourself A Mythic Battles Typhon Pledge!


Let’s get 2018 started with
some XLBS goodness!

Weekender: Para Bellum's Conquest World Revealed & Brand New US Studio

Weekender: Para Bellum’s Conquest World Revealed & Brand New US Studio


Welcome back to The Weekender for 2018!

European Championship & Grand Kotei Tickets Coming Soon For UKGE


Available on Sunday 28th January, the UK Games Expo will put live the tickets for Fantasy Flight Games’ European Championships and the Grand Kotei Event that will be taking place over the 1st – 3rd of June 2018.

Meet Tweedledee & Tweedledum For Monolith’s Batman


We’re looking at some new villains for Monolith’s Batman: Gotham City Chronicles today with some that you might not be familiar with. Here are Tweedledee & Tweedledum.

Let's Play: Highlander - The Board Game

Let’s Play: Highlander – The Board Game


Alessio and Jack show us how to play the upcoming Highlander The Board Game.

Return To Where It Began With New Arkham Horror LCG Expansion


CATAN Returns With Rise Of The Incas This Year


As a bit of board game news, for those who love the classic CATAN, you might have something new to take a peek at with Rise Of The Incas coming later this year.

Check Out NOVA’s Shadespire Ultimate Collection Raffle!


Fancy getting your hands on some fully painted Shadespire Warbands AND helping charity at the same time?

Legacies Release Date For Star Wars: Destiny Announced


Fantasy Flight Games announced that the release date proper for Star Wars: Destiny and Legacies has been set for February 1st.

Monolith Add Batwoman Into The Mix For Gotham City Chronicles


Monolith showed off their sculpt for Batwoman, joining the cast of heroes fighting against Batman’s growing villain gallery in the upcoming Kickstarter for Gotham City Chronicles.

Let's Play Kingdom Death Monster - Lantern Year Eight

Let’s Play – Kingdom Death: Monster [Lantern Year Eight]


It’s another day in the darkness and our survivors
head out on another hunt seeking more
resources for their settlement…

Meet The HATE Princes & A Mighty Mercenary Fighting For Your Tribe


CMON have been showing off progressively more and more of HATE over the last few weeks and over the last few days we got a real good look at the major character leading the different tribes with these rather towering Princes.