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CoolMiniOrNot Return Us To SMOG With On Her Majesty’s Service

4 hours ago 1

Cool Mini or Not have released a new steampunk board game in which you and three friends work as agents of Queen Victoria in the sinister Shadow Market. Prepare to explore the streets of London in SMOG: On Her Majesty’s Service.

Marrow Shows Off A Stunning New Protector For Journey

7 hours ago 3

The Heavens are sending two protectors to aid in the pilgrims’ quest in Marrow Production’s beautiful game, Journey: Wrath of Demons. Golden Horn is the first of the two on his way to protect the pilgrims.

Pandemic: Legacy Board Game Coming This October

20 hours ago 2

If you’ve ever wanted to take on the challenging gameplay of Pandemic in a new and interesting way then what better mechanic to use than that of the Legacy engine (previously used with RISK: Legacy). I can see this being a fantastic and tough tabletop task from Z-Man…

Take A Look Inside GCT Studios’ Rise Of The Kage

21 hours ago 7

GCT Studios have given us a peek inside the final retail contents of Rise Of The Kage which was their very successful Kickstarter hit. There’s a whole bunch of models, some nice glossy boards and plenty of tokens…

MTG Reveals Oath Of The Gatewatch For January Release

1 day ago 4

The Battle For Zendikar block is looking remarkable with it’s pending release for Magic The Gathering. Wizards of the Coast is keeping the excitement going with news of the second set to be released in January- Oath of the Gatewatch.

Monolith’s Conan Pledge Manager Ready To Use

3 days ago 4

Monolith have got their Pledge Manager working for the Conan Board Game that took Kickstarter by storm. If you haven’t already done so you need to head on over to it (if you were a backer) and make sure everything is hunky-dory with your pledge…

Megacon Games Give Us A Peek At Banner Saga Board Game

3 days ago 1

At PAX this weekend just gone Megacon Games have us a look at some of the contents of the Banner Saga: Warbands Board Game which will be available in the near future…

Next Release For MTG Heralds The Battle For Zendikar

3 days ago 3

Magic the Gathering is taking us back to Zendikar in the next set, Battle For Zendikar, this October. Battle it out against the ruthless Eldrazi and try to restore order to the world.

New Police & AI Experiments Take Shape For Cyberpunk HINT

4 days ago 5

Human Interface: Nakamura Tower continues to produce some ace looking models as they move from concept art to fancy models. See what you think of them below for Justine Clevel and the Human/AI Hybrid…

Mantic Unveil More On Questing & Campaigns In Dungeon Saga

5 days ago 6

Mantic Games have spent the week telling us more about the future of Dungeon Saga and in particular I’d like to highlight the idea of campaigns and the additional options open to you through The Adventurer’s Companion…

Weekender: New Star Wars X-Wing Set Spotted & FoW Team Yankee Previews

Weekender: New Star Wars X-Wing Set Spotted & FoW Team Yankee Previews

5 days ago 123

New Force Awakens
X-Wing Sets, awesome
terrain and Team
Yankee previews get
us excited on this
weeks Weekender!

Talk Business In New Netrunner Mumbad Data Pack

6 days ago 1

The newest Data Pack for the Mumbad Cycle in Android: Netrunner has been revealed by Fantasy Flight. The focus of Business First is not only on covering up the misdeeds of your mega corporation but also uncovering them as the Runner. See what you think…

Ticket To Ride United Kingdom Coming To Essen 2015

6 days ago 5

A new map for Ticket To Ride is on the way focusing in on good old Blighty (Great Britain). Days Of Wonder will be releasing Ticket To Ride: United Kingdom at Essen in October of this year allowing to chart the journeys made by folks in the early age of steam…

Osprey To Publish Odin’s Ravens Card Game

7 days ago 3

Odin’s Ravens has had a rough few years and was the target for a Kickstarter that never came to fruition. However, Osprey Publishing have now picked up the game by Thorsten Gimmler and will now be publishing it next year in February 2016…

Go Bounty Hunting With Deadzone’s Deadly Hund

7 days ago 4

Mantic Games previewed one of their models that has now got to the render stage in the wake of their Deadzone Kickstarter. Hunting down criminals across the galaxy we have Hund the Bounty Hunter…