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Battle The Plague In The Infected Kickstarter From Black Forest Studio

2 hours ago 0

The Black Death has fallen upon the village and you and your friends must try to vaccinate yourselves while weeding out the Plague Doctor who’s intentionally spreading the disease.

Asmodee Announces Four New Adventures For Conan As Free Downloads

6 hours ago 2

Asmodee has four new adventure scenarios up for grabs for Conan the board game.

USAopoly Has A Checkers Game For Fans Of Fallout

9 hours ago 1

Yes, I’m writing about checkers. Yes, it’s the same checkers we’ve all grown up on, but with a Fallout twist.

Throw A Hail Mary Pass With The Blood Bowl Troll

3 days ago 9

Games Workshop has been winding up their throwing arm to throw one hell of a hail mary pass with their new Blood Bowl Troll!

The Totally Illegal Dwarf Deathroller Churns Into Blood Bowl

5 days ago 12

Forge World has trundled out quite the illegal piece of kit for the Dwarfs to use in Blood Bowl. See what you make of the Deathroller which has trapped some poor hapless Goblin!

Weekender: Dive Into Drowned Earth & Samurai Slicing In Test Of Honour

Weekender: Dive Into Drowned Earth & Samurai Slicing In Test Of Honour

5 days ago 207

Welcome to The Weekender where we’re diving into all manner of epic tabletop awesomeness including Test Of Honour, The Drowned Earth and more!

Everything Epic Teases Big Trouble In Little China Is Getting Closer

8 days ago 9

By the looks of things, we’re getting closer to Big Trouble In Little China! Everything Epic is showing off some exciting box art and another character for the game headed this way over the summer.

Jorogumo Ronin For Ninja All Stars Awaits The VIG’s At Adepticon

9 days ago 6

The VIG ninjas at Adepticon will be getting something extra from the Ninja Division stand this weekend. Stop by stand #58 with your VIG coupon for a free Jorogumo Ronin mini for Ninja All Stars.

Wyrd Announces Two Exciting Upcoming Board Games

9 days ago 7

Wyrd is ramping up to set the Gremlins of Malifaux loose in a wild and crazy board game, as two new board games have been announced for future release from Wyrd Games.

Weekender XLBS: New CMON Song Of Ice & Fire Minis Game + Win Yourself 4Ground Goodies

Weekender XLBS: New CMON Song Of Ice & Fire Minis Game + Win Yourself 4Ground Goodies

11 days ago 168

Academy Games Raid Kickstarter With 878 Vikings: Invasions Of England

12 days ago 14

Keeping us in the Viking spirit with SAGA fresh in the minds and The Last Kingdom back on the BBC we have Academy Games coming to Kickstarter with their latest project, 878 Vikings – Invasions Of England.

Osprey Games’ Shahrazad Board Game Coming In May

12 days ago 0

The story of Shahrazad is an interesting one, which is quite fitting considering the tales she must weave to stay alive. Well, Osprey Games are bringing it to the tabletop in May.

Spirit Of Rebellion Preview Event Coming Soon For Star Wars: Destiny

13 days ago 14

Over the weekend of April 1st and 2nd, 2017, whilst we’re powering through the Hobby Weekend, there will be a chance to head to a Preview Event for Star Wars: Destiny focusing on the new boosters for Spirit Of Rebellion from Fantasy Flight Games.

A Monstrous Expansion For Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle From USAopoly

13 days ago 5

Wizards, ready your wands! USAopoly has announced the first expansion for their fan-favorite, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle – The Monster Box Of Monsters. New friends and foes are ready to make life even more interesting at Hogwarts.

The Bear Brute Comes To Life For The Cult Of Barnacle Bay By Red Panda

14 days ago 6

The Bear Brute has taken form, courtesy of the very talented sculpting of Patrick Keith. This baddie will be joining the ranks in the upcoming Wander: The Cult Of Barnacle Bay Kickstarter for Red Panda Miniatures.