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Backspindle Games Return to Discworld By Clacks

1 hour ago 1

Backspindle Games, the makers of the Discworld based board game Guards! Guards! are once again returning to Terry Pratchett’s fantasy world as they gave demos last weekend at Warpcon in Cork of their upcoming game Clacks.

Weekender: HoloLens - Augmented Reality Tabletop Gaming?

Weekender: HoloLens – Augmented Reality Tabletop Gaming?

1 day ago 45

We’re back with another bumper
episode of The Weekender
where we’re kicking things
off by checking out the new
Harlequins that have popped up
from Games Workshop for
Warhammer 40,000. As well
as that a whole bunch of Eldar
arrived in the studio!

    Check Out the Stats and Skills of Slaughterball Warren

    2 days ago 14

    As you might know, Warren was recently turned into an athlete for the game of Slaughterball and now Frog the What Games have sent us a preview of his stat card.

    The Others 7 Sins Hits Playtesting & New Model Pops Up!

    2 days ago 5

    See how The Others: 7 Sins is shaping up with another new miniature preview and some news on their latest playtest where they took on Terror Mode. Sounds exciting!

    Get The Lowdown On All New DreadBall Stuff From Ronnie & Mantic!

    2 days ago 0

    See how both DreadBall Xtreme and Season 4 are shaping up from Mantic Games with a look at some interesting background to the game and a video from Ronnie and Luke!

    WizKids Keep The Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters Previews Coming

    2 days ago 0

    Two cards have now been previewed by Wizkids for the world of Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Battle for Faerun. We have a look at the Beholder and Dimension Door basic action card…

    Conan’s Bodyguard & Even More Stretch Goals For Kickstarter

    2 days ago 9

    See how Conan is shaping up as it closes in on the last week of Kickstarter. Big monsters, more heroes and plenty of Conan’s own

    Trickerion Legends of Illusion Board Game is Live On Kickstarter

    2 days ago 2

    The townspeople of Magoria are seeking a fantastic illusionist! Face off against other players as you fight for the title of Master of Illusion in the strategic board game on Kickstarter -Trickerion, Legends of Illusion, from Mindclash Games.

    HINT Adds More New Heroes To Their Cyberpunk Line-Up

    3 days ago 4

    We’re going to be keeping a close eye on the development of HINT over the next few weeks and months and hopefully we’ll have a game for you to get excited about soon!

    Work For Order Or Chaos In New Android Netrunner Expansion

    3 days ago 8

    Take the side of the Runner or the Corporation in a new expansion which is out now. Will you be joining the Anarchs or the Weyland Consortium in this new future for Android Netrunner?

    Alert, Alert! UFOs have Arrived from Fantasy Flight with XCOM

    3 days ago 1

    XCOM: The Board Game is now available from Fantasy Flight Games. You now can get one of the hottest games to be previewed at GenCon 2014.

    Preview Upcoming Cards For WizKids’ Yu Gi Oh Dice Masters

    4 days ago 2

    There’s a lot of dragons and one tiny Tim Wizard coming your way for the Yu Gi Oh version of Dice Masters that should be with us this month!

    Interview With Paolo Parente & More Stretch Goals For Conan!

    4 days ago 5

    Loads of stretch goals and some awesome add-ons including the brilliant Paolo Parente’s version of the game featuring all new artwork for some of the characters!

    Card Game Review: Lords Of War – Magic & Monsters Expansion!

    6 days ago 0

    The new Orcs Versus Dwarves Magic & Monsters Expansion has popped up from Lords of War and it’s adding in a whole new level of complexity to the game! See what I think of the new units, new rules and of course how it all plays together!

    HINT Previews Get You Set For A Cyberpunk Board Game Experience

    6 days ago 6

    See what you think of the world of HINT that has been previewed more online. This is promising to be another board game set in the Cyberpunk future and it could be worth keeping an eye on!