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HINT Adds More New Heroes To Their Cyberpunk Line-Up

4 hours ago 2

We’re going to be keeping a close eye on the development of HINT over the next few weeks and months and hopefully we’ll have a game for you to get excited about soon!

Work For Order Or Chaos In New Android Netrunner Expansion

7 hours ago 1

Take the side of the Runner or the Corporation in a new expansion which is out now. Will you be joining the Anarchs or the Weyland Consortium in this new future for Android Netrunner?

Alert, Alert! UFOs have Arrived from Fantasy Flight with XCOM

17 hours ago 1

XCOM: The Board Game is now available from Fantasy Flight Games. You now can get one of the hottest games to be previewed at GenCon 2014.

Preview Upcoming Cards For WizKids’ Yu Gi Oh Dice Masters

1 day ago 2

There’s a lot of dragons and one tiny Tim Wizard coming your way for the Yu Gi Oh version of Dice Masters that should be with us this month!

Interview With Paolo Parente & More Stretch Goals For Conan!

1 day ago 5

Loads of stretch goals and some awesome add-ons including the brilliant Paolo Parente’s version of the game featuring all new artwork for some of the characters!

Card Game Review: Lords Of War – Magic & Monsters Expansion!

3 days ago 0

The new Orcs Versus Dwarves Magic & Monsters Expansion has popped up from Lords of War and it’s adding in a whole new level of complexity to the game! See what I think of the new units, new rules and of course how it all plays together!

HINT Previews Get You Set For A Cyberpunk Board Game Experience

3 days ago 6

See what you think of the world of HINT that has been previewed more online. This is promising to be another board game set in the Cyberpunk future and it could be worth keeping an eye on!

Battle Roll Kickstarter – A Head To Head Dice Rolling Game

5 days ago 1

Game on the go with the new Kickstarter from How We Roll Games, Battle Roll! This custom dice game is fun and fast and can be played by anyone.

Scorpions Attack & Light The Way With Torches In Conan

5 days ago 2

See what you think of the Giant Scorpion coming to attack Conan and company on Kickstarter. What would you like to see them do next?

DreadBall Xtreme Now Up For Pre-Order – Start Smashin’ Stuff!

5 days ago 4

It’s time to throw a ball around and kick some heads in with the addition of DreadBall Xtreme to the pre-order area of the Mantic store!

Get In On Whole Sale Cat Carnage in Exploding Kittens Kickstarter!

6 days ago 9

A new card game has appeared on Kickstarter that appears to have everyone excited, having already gone over the £3,000,000 marker (at time of writing). It’s time for a game of Exploding Kittens!

Fantastic Dragon Art & Prototype Cards For Draco Magi On Kickstarter

7 days ago 1

Anyone that loves dragons and appreciates beautiful artwork will LOVE the Kickstarter from Robert Burke Games- The Forest & The Star Dragons. This project offers artwork for 2 stunning new dragons for the game Draco Magi.

Conan The Warlord Busts $1 Million Mark On Kickstarter [Update!]

7 days ago 29

Conan becomes a Warlord and Kerim Shah joins him in the battle against his numerous foes as the Kickstarter closes in on the $1 million mark. [Robert E. Howard Tribute joins the Stretch Goal list!]

DreadBall Goes XTreme This Friday From Mantic Games

7 days ago 4

It’s nearly time to get down and dirty with DreadBall Xtreme as it goes up for pre-order on Friday from Mantic Games. Will you be sending the Convicts out to scrap with the Asterians?

The Scions of Honor March Into Golem Arcana

8 days ago 4

New Golems have arrived for the world of Golem Arcana. The Scions of Honor bring some great new abilities in both synergies as well as secondary bonuses on missed opportunities!