Admiral Takes to Kickstarter’s Stormy Seas

May 28, 2013 by dracs

Naval warfare during the time of Napoleon and Nelson has always been a source of fascination. It is just so different to land battles, with mighty flotillas battling the elements for the best position. Perfect for a board game such as Admiral.


The game Admiral has entered Kickstarter to get the funding needed to create this rather cool looking game of naval combat. Players can field full size armadas or engage in more small scale skirmish battles between the ships of the line.

Admiral Map

Players will need to engage in all the aspects of ship based combat in order to win, such as boarding actions and canon barrages, with more rules and tactics opening up as you progress through the different rules difficulty levels.

The game will apparently come with around 24 different ship miniatures, made from different coloured plastics and of different types to represent the various types of ship available to the admirals of the time, as well as forts to allow for even more scenarios of naval combat.

Admiral Miniatures

All in all it looks like a promising game which could help to get people into naval combat games. From here it could be a short step towards games such as Dystopian Wars, although the style of gameplay is rather different.

Will you Kickstart this fleet?

Thanks to Pojoh for bringing this to our attention.