Bioshock & Plaid Hat Games Join Forces for a New Board Game!

October 22, 2012 by brennon

The new Bioshock: Infinite video game is out in the near future and with it comes the obligatory tie ins. Well, surely this one from Plaid Hat Games is the best yet? Check out the details on their new board game, and first licensed one, below. Bioshock: Infinite – Siege of Columbia!

Bioshock Infinite - The Siege of Columbia

Plaid Hat Games have done some amazing work in the past, and this could potentially be very exciting. Set in a strange steampunk world with a mixture of strange creatures and magic Bioshock is a pretty awesome world. The game comes with 52 miniatures and you will be finding out a lot more about the game over the next few months.

Are you excited for this video game tie in?

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