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Four Planeswalkers Enter Kaladesh In MTG’s Upcoming Release

37 days ago 2

The newest set for Magic the Gathering is set to drop on September 30th. Kaladesh, the pinnacle of innovation, will bring with it a host of desirable artifacts, and 4 planeswalkers to to try to control them.

Liliana & The Eldrazi Return to Eldritch Moon for MTG

108 days ago 4

The next set for in the Shadows Over Innistrad block, Eldritch Moon, is due out July 22nd, and the fans of MTG cannot wait! Werewolves, angels, Eldrazi and Liliana are all expected to make game play fun, fast and devastating (depending on which side you end up on).

Magic Is Changing Things Up With Preconstructed Decks

143 days ago 1

Wizards of the Coast has found an interesting way to freshen up the previous concept of the Intro Pack, with what they will now be calling, a Planeswalker Deck. The first of these decks will be available this fall with the Kaladesh release and will now provide incentive for both new and existing players to buy in.

This July Unlikely Allies Will Rise In MTG’s Next Set: Eldritch Moon

149 days ago Comments Off

The second set in the Shadows Over Innistrad block of MTG is due out July 22nd. The Eldritch Moon set looks to bring some unlikely allies into the battle in Innistrad. Who will join?

Magic The Gathering Eternal Masters To Launch June 10th

164 days ago 2

If you’re looking for a great way to add some staple cards to your Magic collection, then be on the lookout for Eternal Masters to drop in June. Eternal Masters is the next specialty collector set from MTG to enhance your collection and spice up your existing decks.

Shadows Over Innistrad Now Available For Magic Duels

199 days ago Comments Off

The card pool just got a lot bigger for Wizard’s Magic Duels. The Shadows Over Innistrad expansion is available for the game now, adding 304 fantastic new cards to game play.

Sorin Joins The Ranks In The Upcoming Shadows Over Innistrad

219 days ago 3

Shadows Over Innistrad is shaping up to be a very exciting release for Magic the Gathering. Featuring loads of dual sided cards and some huge token generators, your Magic games are about to get very interesting!

Shadows Over Innistrad Features A New Dual Sided Planeswalker

221 days ago 5

Things are about to get a bit more interesting in Innistrad. The upcoming Shadows Over Innistrad set will be introducing a new, dual sided planeswalker (and werewolf), Arlinn Kord.

Shadows Over Innistrad Trailer Shows Darkness Over The Plane

230 days ago 10

The next block for Magic the Gathering is bringing the Shadows Over Innistrad, and players will have to deal with the unpredictable manner of the of those in the Plane. The teaser trailer not only looks great, but sets the perfect mood for this dark lot.

The Magic The Gathering 2015 Holiday Boxes Now On Sale

350 days ago 3

If you’re looking to boost your Magic The Gathering collection whilst also finding somewhere to store a portion of it then see what you make of the new Holiday Gift Boxes which are now available with a Zendikar spin…

The Battle For Zendikar Pre-Release Weekend Is Almost Here

394 days ago 2

This weekend launches the Pre-Release Events for Magic the Gathering’s Battle For Zendikar block. Players can face off against one another with the new cards in the Ultimate Price Event Deck and compete for the coveted promo goodies for Magic.

Fantasy Flight Games Snaps Up Legend Of The Five Rings

406 days ago 15

Fantasy Flight Games have snapped up the Legend Of The Five Rings from Alederac Entertainment (AEG) and will now be looking ahead to create a Living Card Game and potentially a new Role-Playing Game using the property…

Must Have Token Collection: Modern Essentials Kickstarter For Magic Players

408 days ago 1

The Token Collection: Modern Essentials Kickstarter has a beautiful collection of alternate art tokens for use in you Magic the Gathering games. This set not only looks amazing, but offers a fantastic variety of staples that are sure to be the perfect addition to your collection.

Explore The Mechanics For MTG’s Battle For Zendikar Block

412 days ago 2

Come along for a look at the mechanics we can expect in Magic the Gathering’s, Battle For Zendikar block. Players will use these abilities to buff their game play and make life more difficult for your opponent.

A Beautiful Book Of Art Is On The Horizon For Magic The Gathering

415 days ago 4

Are you a collector as well as a gamer? Wizards has announced that January will be bringing a treat for Magic fans with a lovely art book, The Art of Magic the Gathering: Zendikar.