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Knights Of Ren: 3/06 – Why Does She Get A Blaster And I Don’t?

30 days ago 0

This week we’re looking at the new Empire At War Spoilers & updates to the Rules Reference for Star Wars: Destiny!

New Star Wars: Destiny Teasers Pop Up From Team Covenant

43 days ago 4

Empire At War is the new set coming to Star Wars: Destiny later this year from Fantasy Flight Games and Team Covenant got a preview of some of the new cards from the set.

Knights Of Ren: Ep 3/05 – Let The Hate Flow Through You

50 days ago 0

What do the Knights of Ren think about the current state of Star Wars: Destiny and the meta?

Knights Of Ren: Ep 3/04 – Traitor!

53 days ago 0

Elrathion joins us from the Artificery crew to talk about Store Champs with two different decks he took to his events and topped with 1st and 2nd place finishes.

Empire At War Brings Mace Windu To Star Wars: Destiny

59 days ago 3

Fantasy Flight Games has been showing off some new previews for the next big booster set coming out for Star Wars: Destiny. Here we have the first look at cards for Empire At War…

Knights Of Ren: Ep 3/03 – Conditions Have Changed

64 days ago 0

Let’s build a deck! This week Rick gives us a recap of his most recent store champ tournament with a new deck he took into the field.

Press Your Luck In Lucidity Six-Sided Nightmares Kickstarter

65 days ago 0

Weave through nightmares and try not to become one yourself in the Lucidity: Six-Sided Nightmares Kickstarter. This press your luck style game not only looks great, but offers you the chance to be good or bad- whether you like it or not!

Prepare For Star Wars: Destiny Today At The FFG World Championships

104 days ago 0

Star Wars: Destiny steps into the spotlight today. The stream is expected to go live at 13.00 CDT (19.00 BST), and run till 21.00 CDT (03.00 BST).

Star Wars: Destiny Spirit Of Rebellion Boosters On Sale Now

105 days ago 7

To match with May 4th and of course, the Star Wars World Championships Fantasy Flight Games are releasing Spirit Of Rebellion, a new expansion for Star Wars: Destiny, today.

Watch The FFG Star Wars: World Championships Here

Watch The FFG Star Wars: World Championships Here

106 days ago 33

Knights Of Ren: Ep 2/18 – There Is No Try

107 days ago 0

Worlds 2017 is happening this week and we sit down with Rick to talk about his deck, what he expects to see at the tournament and how he has prepared for this massive event.

FFG’s Star Wars World Championships Hits This Week!

108 days ago 6

This week, Fantasy Flight Games are hosting the Star Wars World Championships at their gaming centre in Roseville, MN and we’ll be hosting their live stream throughout…

UK Games Expo Update: Debuts & Award Winners Coming To The Show

109 days ago 1

Collecting together more of the information from the recent releases on the UK Games Expo it appears as if we’re going to have a lot of cool debuts and more at the convention when it hits June 2nd-4th this year.

FFG Use The Force With New Blue Card Preview For Star Wars: Destiny

115 days ago 1

Fantasy Flight Games previewed some of the Blue Cards that you’ll be able to pick up when the new set of releases hit as part of Spirit of Rebellion later this year in Star Wars: Destiny.

Knights Of Ren: Ep 2/15 – It’s True. All Of It

127 days ago 3

Stele Open is over and we sit down this week and discuss the decks that made the top four cut. If you’re getting ready for Worlds this is the show you don’t want to miss.