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Tickets For UK Games Expo FFG European Championships Available Friday

10 days ago 6

The UK Games Expo, running from the 2nd – 4th of July this year in Birmingham is going to be hosting the 2017 European Championships for a whole host of games from Fantasy Flight Games.

Spirit Of Rebellion Boosters Come To Star Wars: Destiny

10 days ago 8

Star Wars: Destiny has been quite the success for Fantasy Flight Games and they have now announced the newest set of boosters, Spirit of Rebellion. There’s a certain Rogue One feel about this set!

Become A Super Villain In Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game

45 days ago 1

Ever want to try your luck at being the super villain trying to pull off the ultimate heist? Now you can in Batman: The Animated Series Dice GameSteve Jackson Games and Cryptozoic along with DC Comics.

Fantasy Flight Games Offers New Mat For Star Wars Destiny

48 days ago 9

Star Wars Destiny the new card and dice game from FFG has its first accessory.

Let's Play Star Wars: Destiny!

Let’s Play Star Wars: Destiny!

82 days ago 13

Join us as we play Star Wars: Destiny
from Fantasy Flight Games.

Rory’s Story Cubes Tell The Tale Of The Desperado

104 days ago 9

The folks behind Rory’s Story Cubes have put together a new trailer for their game, The Desperado. It shows off the kind of weird stories that you can tell using this wonderfully simple system.

USAopoly Takes Yahtzee To The Next Level With Deadpool Battle Yahtzee

144 days ago 12

Why not roll your best Yahtzee with the coolest new dice from USAopoly? The new Deadpool Battle Yahtzee will be making its way into all the Marvel gamers hands in the near future.

Get Rolling With FFG’s New Dice Game Star Wars: Destiny

175 days ago 5

Fantasy Flight Games appear to have seen the success of the likes of Dice Masters and have entered the Collectable Dice Game market with Star Wars: Destiny.

New Expansion Coming To WizKid’s D&D Dicemasters Game

376 days ago 1

WizKids have announced a new expansion for their Dice Masters game focused on Dungeons & Dragons. Faerun Under Siege will include a new Starter Set, new Collectors Box and a whole range of new foil packs for you to snap up and open hungrily looking for rare cards…

Kickstarter Watch – Wargaming Movies, Picking Locks & Ninja RPGS!

435 days ago 9

We take a look at a handful of awesome Kickstarter campaigns that we’ve spotted this week including Dice, Card Games, RPGs and even a Movie too…

WizKids Announce New Spider-Man Dice Masters Set

473 days ago Comments Off

WizKids have announced their next expansion set for Marvel Dice Masters. The focus now is going to be on Spider-Man where you’ll not only get a new version of the web-slinger but also some of the Sinister Six and more…

Tabletop Play Quick And Easy Sushi Go & Roll For It!

553 days ago 3

Another pair of cool games to potentially add to your collection thanks to Tabletop this week. In this episode they broke out a dice rolling game called Roll For It! and a deck building game by the name of Sushi Go…

Marvel Dice Masters Age Of Ultron Now Available

555 days ago 1

WizKids new version of Dice Masters based on the (semi)recent Age of Ultron film in the Avengers series is now available to buy from your local stockist. New heroes, lovely dice and insane combinations await…

Roll Your Way To Treasure In Boot Loot – A Pirate’s Dice Game Kickstarter

591 days ago Comments Off

Be the first pirate to collect 12 coins in treasure in the Boot Loot – Pirate Dice Game on Kickstarter! Roll your way to victory in this fast and fun, pirate themed dice game.

Roll To Success With Dungeon Dice Colosseum Expansion On Kickstarter

606 days ago Comments Off

Potluck Games is back on Kickstarter with an Expansion for their Dungeon Dice Game. Dungeon Dice: Colosseum, brings bigger baddies and even more fun to this fast paced, portable, dungeon crawler dice game.