Explore the Depths of the Ocean in a New Kickstarter, All Fathomed Out

February 6, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

All fathomed out

Now you can explore the exciting depths of the ocean from your table in a clever board game from Daniel Marthaler on Kickstarter. All Fathomed Out is a fun and fast board game for 3-6 players that puts players underwater exploring and trying to catalog the most species. The first diver to catalog 5 species wins!

All fathomed out game

all fathomed out tiles

Game play is simple and fun- it involves flipping ocean tiles to expand the board and each movement into a new tile causes a diver to draw from a corresponding deck. It may be a single card or more and could be any number of things. A player may encounter a species to catalog, or perhaps draw a card that will offer an advantage at an opportune time (like stealing from another diver when they are going to catalog something) or divers may encounter bad weather and dangerous sea creatures that cause havoc to best of plans.

all fathomed out cards2

Will you be successful in your underwater quest, or will you be All Fathomed Out?

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