Fantasy Flight’s New Monument of a Board Game

April 16, 2012 by dracs

Ever wondered how it must have felt to be one of those guys responsible for building Stone Henge? Well now you can find out with Ugg-Tect, Fantasy Flight’s new board game of stone age monument building.

Fantasy Flight Games - Ugg-Tect

Here’s what Fantasy Flight have to say about this new game of monolithic proportions.

Two teams must compete to construct simple monuments out of wooden blocks… but only their leader, the ingenious ugg-tect, can see the plans. Without showing his secret Project card to his tribemates, the ugg-tect must instruct his team, guiding them as they recreate the project using wooden blocks. Adding to the challenge, the paleolithic language barrier is an ever-present obstacle; an ugg-tect and his tribemates may only communicate with a limited vocabulary of grunts and gestures, along with a few “corrective” taps of an inflatable club!

Fantasy Flight Games - Ugg-Tect Contents

So an excuse to order people around and whack them over the head with a club? Sold!

Ug ug ugug ug?