Flying Frog Send Us Dungeon Delving in a Weird Wild West

October 24, 2013 by dracs

Flying Frog Productions, the guys behind the great board game Last Night on Earth have turned their attention to the Weird Wild West and have headed to Kickstarter to bring us a board game of cowboys and unspeakable horror. This is Shadows of Brimstone.

Shadows of Brimstone

Shadows of Brimstone sees players creating characters for themselves and forming an adventuring posse, which must then go down into the dark depths of the mines in order to face whatever evil horrors await them there. The mines expand as your party progresses and a campaign system means your characters will grow from game to game, gaining new equipment as you find new loot and trade at border towns.

The Kickstarter aims to create two core sets for Shadows of Brimstone, each one full of different scenarios, monsters and dungeon systems to explore.

Shadows of Brimstone Core Set A

Shadows of Brimstone Core Set B

As you can see Flying Frog’s latest board game promises to be far more heavily miniature based than those which have gone before. They are apparently aiming more at us miniature hobbyists this time around, intending for gamers to paint their models however they like.

Because of this Flying Frog are going with a larger 35mm scale for Shadows of Brimstone, to make the models easier to paint and pick out the details on and you can see a real difference when compared to their previous board game miniatures.

Shadows of Brimstone Miniature Scale

Shadows of Brimstone Hero Miniatures

It is so cool to see  the rich opportunities of dungeon crawling being used in a non-fantasy game (its usual favoured genre). As in games like Space Hulk and Incursion, dungeon crawling has always had the option for cool horror, given its claustrophobic set up, so I am excited to see a game which is really trying to explore these possibilities.

Given how good previous Flying Frog games have been, Shadows of Brimstone is sure to be another intriguing game to play and I cannot wait to grab some six-shooters and try it out.

If a mix of cowboys, dungeon crawling and terrifying monsters appeals to you (and let’s be fair, who doesn’t like the sound of that combo) be sure to head to the Kickstarter and pledge your support.

Thanks to acrizer for giving us the heads up on this.

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