Grab Your FREE Print & Play Zombie Game LocaliZED!

October 28, 2014 by brennon

If you missed out on The Weekender this past week then you’ll want to check it out as we talk about LocaliZED, the awesome print & play game we’ve put together from the great mind of Kedrick Winks and with the artistic talent of Gav Roachdown.


In brief the game sees you playing as a group of survivors trying to make do in YOUR own home town (or the nice fictional one the guys made up!). Hunt for weapons, vehicles and more while just trying to survive against overwhelming zombie odds.

You can download the game here…

Download – LocaliZED

The game is a lot of fun and we took some time to play it at our local club last week and it went down a storm. Play it this Halloween or during half-term here in the UK and let us know how your games went!

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