Gale Force Nine Guide You Through The Factions Of Star Trek: Ascendancy

May 6, 2016 by brennon

Gale Force Nine have been looking at the different factions that you can play as within their new Star Trek board game, Ascendancy. A series of articles have been exploring the different play styles that you can look forward too…

Ascendancy Box

Each of the different factions has access to a whole range of upgrades and more that they can employ to conquer the stars in a variety of different ways.

Tools Of The Trade

This is a quick look at exactly what each of the factions will be getting a hold of as you play the game.

Federation Components

Klingon Components

Romulan Components

I still can’t get over just how awesome those consoles look and the little ships! With that said let’s have a closer look at how each of the factions play with a few bits of additional information.

The Federation

These chaps are all about exploring the galaxy and finding new worlds to bring under their wing. With this in mind you have the Prime Directive to consider which is shown here on the console.

Federation Console

Additionally The Federation also gains benefits from exploring new worlds, making first contact and dealing with independent civilisations. You can also try and get them to join The Federation under your wing!

Federation Advancements

While the Federation ships can do well in a bit of a scrap most of their advancements focus on the continued scientific exploration of the galaxy.

Federation Ship

They can even develop into a Diplomatic fleet allowing them to transport important dignitaries and bolster negotiations.

The Klingons

The Klingons are decidedly different in how they approach the galaxy and its inhabitants.

Klingon Console

As you might imagine the Klingons have a big focus on attacking and destroying their enemies. They will be able to gain additional culture from taking on worthy foes and they cannot retreat from battle or surrender planets during fighting. A stubborn bunch!

Klingon Advancements

The ships that the Klingons have at their disposal come with an upgrade for Disruptor Technology allowing them to always hit on a six regardless of the shield strength of an enemy ship!

Klingon Starship

Klingon fleets themselves are some of the biggest in the game and they can be a deadly foe to come up against. Winning and not losing casualties also boosts their success and allows them to engage their foes all the faster.

The Romulans

Finally we’re going to look at the Romulans in this exploration of Star Trek: Ascendancy

Romulan Console

Where we’ve had explorers and warriors the Romulans are the masters of subterfuge and manipulation. Their superior technology and use of cloaking allows them to get to the places they NEED to be without facing to face off against the riffraff.

Romulan Advancements

Spies behind the scenes are also going to be exhausting your opponents resources. While you might have a smile on your face the dagger is most certainly at their back.

Romulan Ship

Their fleets are also able to engage in mining activities where they can gather the resources from the Empire and prepare for the next turn.

Which faction do you think you’re going to play as when Ascendancy arrives?

Tell us below in the comments!

"...they [Klingons] cannot retreat from battle or surrender planets during fighting. A stubborn bunch!"

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"Where we've had explorers and warriors the Romulans are the masters of subterfuge and manipulation..."