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Osprey To Publish Odin’s Ravens Card Game

2 days ago 3

Odin’s Ravens has had a rough few years and was the target for a Kickstarter that never came to fruition. However, Osprey Publishing have now picked up the game by Thorsten Gimmler and will now be publishing it next year in February 2016…

Stunning Dragons In The Draco Magi Expansion Kickstarter

3 days ago 1

Kingdoms and castles beware! New dragons are heading this way in the Draco Magi Expansion Kickstarter from Robert Burke Games. This project is full of stunning new dragons for added variety to your game play.

Exploring The Game: Legendary Encounters Predator Review

Hunt Or Be Hunted: Legendary Encounters Predator Review

5 days ago 14

The next chapter in the Legendary Encounters
series is Predator! We picked it up at Gen Con
so we could give you the inside scoop.

How many times can we yell

Your Favorite Mogwai Come To Cards From Albino Dragon

9 days ago 1

Gizmo was so cute! Then he got wet, and there was even more of him to love. Then they ate after midnight….and they weren’t so cute any more! All your favorite Mogwai are available in playing cards from Albino Dragon on Kickstarter right now.

The Walking Dead Shuffle Into Munchkin Zombies Latest Expansion

11 days ago 0

A new expansion has come out for Munchkin Zombies, bringing you the chance to take on characters from the much loved comic book series The Walking Dead.

Greywood Publishing To Make Fighting Fantasy Quest Card Game

15 days ago 3

The traditional Fighting Fantasy stories are going to be turned into a card game thanks to Greywood Publishing called Fighting Fantasy Quest! The first of these tales, The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain, will be coming to Kickstarter soon…

Munchkin To Get Guest Art Editions For 15th Anniversary

17 days ago 1

Steve Jackson Games are going to be working with BOOM! Studios and Len Peralta to make some fancy guest artist editions of Munchkin soon. Both regular Munchkin and Star Munchkin will get these new sets if you REALLY need another copy of Munchkin in your life…

Jasco Snap Up Cowboy Bebop & Dragon Ball Z For UFS

24 days ago 5

Jasco Games have even more intellectual properties joining their ranks and the UFS as well as getting board games of their own. These folks really have powered through the world of anime!

Warhammer Quest Is Back With The Adventure Card Game

29 days ago 29

Warhammer Quest is back from Fantasy Flight Games with the Adventure Card Game. You can find out more about the game below and in the video above!

Get Creative & Help Make A Card For Chainsaw Warrior

32 days ago 1

Auroch Digital have opened their doors to submissions for a competition where you could work on designing a card for their digital interpretation of Chainsaw Warrior and the new version of the game, Lords Of The Night.

Greenbrier Games Has Some Great Pre-Releases For Gen Con!

38 days ago 2

Greenbrier Games will have a limited number of pre-release copies for three of their newest titles at Gen Con! Whether your a board gamer or card gamer, there’s something you’re sure to love- provided you get to the booth early!

Click Your Heels – Munchkin Oz Is Coming To The Tabletop

39 days ago 2

The latest intellectual property to be absorbed into the relentless tide of cards and funky artwork is The Wizard Of Oz. With that in mind look out for Munchkin Oz coming out very soon…

Tabletop Play Quick And Easy Sushi Go & Roll For It!

41 days ago 3

Another pair of cool games to potentially add to your collection thanks to Tabletop this week. In this episode they broke out a dice rolling game called Roll For It! and a deck building game by the name of Sushi Go…

The Ghost Hunter Vampires Kickstarter Is Live!

44 days ago 1

We let you know that the Ghost Hunter Vampires card game was coming back to Kickstarter earlier in the week and now it’s live and kicking on the internet.

Ghost Hunter: Vampires Coming Soon To Kickstarter

47 days ago 2

Kedric Winks of Fancy Squid Games, one of the minds behind our very awesome Game Designer Challenge for the zombie game LocaliZED, is back on Kickstarter with a new game set in his Ghost Hunter series. This time it’s focused on those blood sucking fiends known as Vampires!