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Create The Deadliest Weapons From Your Hand In One Hit Kill Kickstarter

9 days ago 3

Now you and your friends can battle to the death- a death by a One Hit Kill! This clever Kickstarter is a quick-play, card game where players race to build their ultimate weapon by collecting the necessary cards required for their item of destruction.

Fight Out The Conflicts Of World War II With Fog & Friction Card Game

15 days ago 2

Fight out the battles of World War II on your lunch break with a new card game coming out through Kickstarter by Pond Foot Games called Fog & Friction.

Love Letter Heads Off To The Land Of Adventure Time Soon!

21 days ago 3

Will you be won over by this new version of Love Letter coming out of AEG in the near future? Adventure Time has won the hearts and minds of many!

Catalyst Needs Playtesters For Their Vikings: Longships Game

37 days ago 3

Calling all gamers! Catalyst Game Labs is looking for dedicated gamers to participate in the playtesting for Vikings: Longships, the new card based game based on the popular show Vikings.

Pirates & Greek Myths In Two New Games On The Way From Ares Games

41 days ago 1

Check out two different new games coming out from Ares Games throughout this year. If you like Pirates or Ancient Greeks then these could be for you.

Q&A Time – Lords Of War Elves Vs Lizardmen Magic & Monsters Kickstarter

42 days ago 3

Find out more about Black Box Games as they launch the Kickstarter for Lords of War with Elves Versus Lizardmen: Magic & Monsters. These guys are real home grown UK talent so take a look to see what’s in the future for them too!

Plaid Hat Opens Pre-Orders For Ashes: Rise Of The Phoenixborn

42 days ago 0

See what you think of these early previews for Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn by Plaid Hat Games which puts you in the boots of spell-slinging mages making custom decks filled with interesting incantations.

Lords Of War Launches New Elves Vs Lizardmen Kickstarter Soon

44 days ago 0

Lords of War is expanding yet again with another boxed set for the Elves & Lizardmen coming to Kickstarter this Friday.

Could Munchkin Work as a Trading Card Game?

63 days ago 4

Steve Jackson Games have announced that they are partnering with Renegade Game Studio to bring out a new form of Munchkin unlike any we have seen previously. Could this classic game of backstabbing your friends and fighting monsters work as a trading card game?

More Stunning Dragons For Draco Magi Are Available On Kickstarter

74 days ago 0

What could possibly be better than a card game with beautiful dragon art? More stunning dragons, of course! The Deep Sea, Blood & Ice Dragons by Kerem Beyit Kickstarter by Robert Burke has 3 more gorgeous cards to add to the already fantastic game, Draco Magi.

Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop Is Embroiled In An Epic Spell War

77 days ago 0

See what you think of the funny voices that come with Epic Spell Wars which is the latest game to appear on Tabletop from Geek & Sundry this week.

Card Game Review: One Night Werewolf!

84 days ago 7

It’s time to check out a favourite card game of ours for down the pub! Check out this review of One Night Werewolf which should be a staple part of any game collection!

Black Lanterns Come to DC Deck Building Game in New Expansion

93 days ago 6

A new evil is rising to threaten the DC universe and it is once again time to become a legendary super hero in order to take it down as Cryptozoic Entertainment prepare to bring out the DC Deck Building Game: Crisis 2 Expansion Pack.

Card Game Review: Lords Of War – Magic & Monsters Expansion!

116 days ago 0

The new Orcs Versus Dwarves Magic & Monsters Expansion has popped up from Lords of War and it’s adding in a whole new level of complexity to the game! See what I think of the new units, new rules and of course how it all plays together!

Get In On Whole Sale Cat Carnage in Exploding Kittens Kickstarter!

119 days ago 9

A new card game has appeared on Kickstarter that appears to have everyone excited, having already gone over the £3,000,000 marker (at time of writing). It’s time for a game of Exploding Kittens!