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Weekender: Steamforged Talk Shadow Games & Epic Elite Dangerous RPG!

Weekender: Steamforged Talk Shadow Games & Epic Elite Dangerous RPG!

13 hours ago 69

We’ve had a big week as we talk Shadow Games (and more) with Steamforged. You could win your own copy of the game too!

Play As The Baddies In The ORCQUEST Kickstarter From Maze Games

4 days ago 6

Have you ever found yourself wondering what it’d be like to live as an Orc? You have? That’s weird (just kidding). Maze Games has launched the perfect fast and fun card game to drop gamers into the role of Orcs with their ORCQUEST Kickstarter.

Comic Illustrator Art Baltazar Creates Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition

12 days ago 0

Players can now enjoy the fan favorite game of Munchkin as Super Heroes in the Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition. Award winning comic artist, Art Baltazar, has created the fantastic art for the clever cards in this edition, available exclusively at Target.

USAopoly & Steve Jackson Games Announce Munchkin: X-Men Edition

65 days ago 3

This Spring, gamers fellow Mutants will have the ability to sign up for classes at Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters as they learn to control their unique “gifts”.

Soda Pop’s Way Of The Fighter Knocks Out Kickstarter

72 days ago 2

Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division have struck out on Kickstarter with Way Of The Fighter.

Weekender XLBS: Talking Kingdom Death Monster Painting!

Weekender XLBS: Talking Kingdom Death Monster Painting!

77 days ago 96

Welcome to The Weekender XLBS where
it’s time to sit back, relax, and get stuck
into some more hobby chatter.

Rule & Make Turning Hand Of Fate Into Real Life Card Game

80 days ago 1

Hand Of Fate is a superb digital deck-building card game by Defiant which involves elements of choose your own adventure and simple combat in its gameplay.

Someone Is About To Get Witch Slapped On Kickstarter From Prolific Games

94 days ago Comments Off

Apparently Prolific Games feels there’s too many witches in the dark forest and somebody is about to get Witch Slapped! Check out the fast and fun card game Witch Slapped on Kickstarter right now.

Play A Fast & Fun Fantasy Card Game With Unreal Estate

120 days ago Comments Off

Sometimes you just need a quick and easy game to play with your friends or family, that’s easy to teach and can be easily transported. The Grand Gamers Guild has you covered with their current Kickstarter, Unreal Estate.

Munchkin Grimm Tidings Hits The Shelves From Steve Jackson Games

130 days ago 4

Now you can pick up the latest Munchkin game at your favorite, local, corner store, Walgreens. Steve Jackson Games’, Munchkin Grimm Tidings captures the whimsy of your favorite fairytales in one of the most popular card games out there.

Ninja Division Set The Stage For Way Of The Fighter On Kickstarter

134 days ago 4

It looks like Ninja Division are going to be back on Kickstarter soon with Way Of The Fighter which will be their take on a tabletop fighting game using elements from video games like Street Fighter and beyond.

Weekender: Delving On The Best D&D Table Ever & The World Of BattleTech Explored

Weekender: Delving On The Best D&D Table Ever & The World Of BattleTech Explored

155 days ago 125

Join us as we dive into the news from the week!

Plot & Scheme In FFG’s Game Of Thrones: Hand Of The King

172 days ago Comments Off

Fantasy Flight Games have added another game to their Game of Thrones line up. Here we have Hand of the King where you’ll be scheming and plotting your way to victory as you bring Houses under your influence.

Dark Deeds Gets A Killer Display Table For Gen Con By Dave Taylor

172 days ago 2

Folks bring their A-Game for Gen Con, and Games & Gears has something really special up their sleeves. They’ve enlisted the talent of Dave Taylor Miniatures to create a one of a kind game table to play Dark Deeds on, that sets the scene perfectly.

USAopoly Shows Off Some Cards For Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

173 days ago 1

Hogwarts is under attack by the forces of darkness and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Can you and your favorite wizard friends work together to defeat the Dark Lord? USAopoly will be showing off and selling a limited number of copies of their exciting cooperative deckbuilding game, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle at Gen Con this week.