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Catalyst Game Labs To Publish D&D Dragonfire Deckbuilding Game

120 days ago 8

Catalyst Game Labs has announced they are pairing up with Wizards of the Coast to publish, Dragonfire – A D&D deckbuilding game. Three to six players will soon be able to play the iconic roles of adventurers in this fast play, high fantasy setting.

A Monstrous Expansion For Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle From USAopoly

160 days ago 5

Wizards, ready your wands! USAopoly has announced the first expansion for their fan-favorite, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle – The Monster Box Of Monsters. New friends and foes are ready to make life even more interesting at Hogwarts.

USAopoly Shows Off Some Cards For Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

388 days ago 1

Hogwarts is under attack by the forces of darkness and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Can you and your favorite wizard friends work together to defeat the Dark Lord? USAopoly will be showing off and selling a limited number of copies of their exciting cooperative deckbuilding game, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle at Gen Con this week.

USAopoly Announces Harry Potter Hogwarts Deckbuilding Game

444 days ago 0

Do you have the wizard skills needed to defend Hogwarts against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? Find out this fall in USAopoly and Warner Brothers Inc’s new Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Cooperative Deckbuilding Game.

Weekender XLBS: Gaming On The Road & Dark Souls Sets Kickstarter On Fire

Weekender XLBS: Gaming On The Road & Dark Souls Sets Kickstarter On Fire

487 days ago 225

Sit back and relax with us
this Sunday as we talk
about what we’ve been
up to gaming-wise and
what the wider world
has to offer!

Reach into Anime Memories in Osprey’s Ravens of Thri Shahashri

540 days ago 5

Osprey Publishing have something new set to come out in May, an anime styled cooperative card game where players take a psychic delve into their memories. Look out for The Ravens of Thri Shahashri.

Weekender XLBS: Necromancy, Fantasy Baseball & BoW 2016 Plans

Weekender XLBS: Necromancy, Fantasy Baseball & BoW 2016 Plans

627 days ago 108

We have some great stuff to
chat about today and with so many
different ways to interact these
days through the internet we’re
interested in how you watch and
read through Beasts of War.

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The Rules For Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game Now Online

638 days ago 4

Fantasy Flight Games have now posted the Rulebook for the Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game online. You can now get to grips with this revamping of the original format which I think is looking superb…

Weekender XLBS: Amazing Hobby Travel Kit & Mega Star Wars Tabletop Chat

Weekender XLBS: Amazing Hobby Travel Kit & Mega Star Wars Tabletop Chat

669 days ago 73

Sit back and relax with us on a
Sunday morning as we go through
some awesome bits and pieces we’ve
picked up from the web and have a
great chat about all things Star Wars…

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Exploring The Game: Legendary Encounters Predator Review

Hunt Or Be Hunted: Legendary Encounters Predator Review

731 days ago 16

The next chapter in the Legendary Encounters
series is Predator! We picked it up at Gen Con
so we could give you the inside scoop.

How many times can we yell

Warhammer Quest Is Back With The Adventure Card Game

755 days ago 29

Warhammer Quest is back from Fantasy Flight Games with the Adventure Card Game. You can find out more about the game below and in the video above!

Make The Tough Choices In The Conflicted: Deck 5 Desolation Kickstarter

788 days ago 2

How well do you really know your friends? Well enough to do anything for them, or maybe just well enough to leave in the dust as a snack for a zombie hoard? Make the hard decisions amongst friends in the Conflicted: Deck 5 Desolation Kickstarter.

Survive with the Last Starfleet by Wicked Grin Games

1159 days ago 4

Earth explodes and a we must establish a colony on a new planet to ensure the survival of man. Join the effort to save humanity in Last Starfleet, the cooperative card game by Wicked Grin Games on Kickstarter.