Liven Up Beer Pong With Pong Tactics

August 22, 2013 by dracs

Beer Pong is one of those all time classic drinking games which people are sure to play when they are in the vicinity of beer, ping pong balls and too much time. Now a Kickstarter campaign is trying to give this old classic a new gaming twist. Get ready for Pong Tactics!

Pong Tactics

The idea behind Whiskey Jack Games’ Pong Tactics is simple; take beer pong and add to it elements of card games. Players can play cards to determine how the beer pong is played, with cards controlling everything from the arrangement of cups to how the ball should be thrown.

Pong Tactics Formation Cards

Pong Tactics Cards

Now I love Beer Pong, it is one of the few drinking games that I enjoy playing, but I am interested by the concept of mixing it with card gaming (other than the usual strip Magic the Gathering I mean).

I would worry that this might make the game overly complicated, but the rules of the cards seem to be simple enough. Then again when you are aiming for it to be played by people drinking I suppose they need to be simple.

Fancy bringing this new element to your games of pong? Then be sure to head to Kickstarter and check it out.

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