Watch It Played! Take You On A Sightseeing Trip In Tokaido

February 1, 2013 by brennon

One of my favourite Youtubers, Watch it Played! led by Rodney Smith and his kids Luke and Andrea has started a new play through of a quite interesting looking game. Their newest series will explore the game of Tokaido by Funforge


This game is rather novel in that while it’s competitive it’s all about taking in the sights of Japan and having the most fulfilling experience you can on your travels. This can include eating the tastiest food, seeing the most wonderful sights or just taking a nice long soak in a hot spring! Sounds like a most relaxing game!

I suggest checking out the instructional video above and following Rodney’s channel. They have done a number of series now and each has been a blast to watch.

Have you played Tokaido?

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