Zombicide Black Plague Coming In June Plus Bloodthirsty Werewolves!

May 26, 2015 by brennon

Tabletop Gaming News managed to find out some new information about Guillotine Games’ Zombicide: Black Plague which seems much more my street when it comes to tabletop games. Gone are the machine guns and baseball bats and in with the crossbows, holy water and battle axes…

Zombicide Black Plague (June)

New Heroics & Werewolves?

It looks like on top of a new way to look after your character and his/her experience there might be some howling coming from somewhere down the lane. The survivors for one will get themselves a new ‘dashboard’ which will allow them to slot in new items and record experience and such with pegs and a sliding tracker.

Zombicide New Tracker

The other big thing I’m excited about is the addition of some Werewolves to the mix in an expansion. Some people are already rather miffed at the idea of an expansion before the game is even funded but a lot of these big projects have far ranging plans. With something like Zombicide being as popular as it is there is no surprise it has a plan drawn up already…


So, in place of Abominations you now have Were-bominations I guess!

Will you be checking out this one?

"The other big thing I'm excited about is the addition of some Werewolves to the mix in an expansion..."