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Bolt Action Locked & Loaded: Using Templates In Bolt Action 2.0


We’re back playing some more Bolt Action 2.0 and Chez is showing Justin just how Templates work in this new edition.

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded: XLBS Countering An AOE Attack


In this Backstage show, Chez from Warlord Games will be showing Justin how to Counter an AOE Attack in Bolt Action 2.0!

Bolt Action 2.0 Locked & Loaded: Using The Books To Improve Your Game


For this episode of Locked & Loaded we delved into the books available for Bolt Action 2.0 and see how they can increase your enjoyment of the game.

Bolt Action 2.0 Locked & Loaded XLBS: What’s Next For Bolt Action?


John is joined by Rich from Warlord Games to probe him for information on what is coming up in the near future for Bolt Action 2.0.

Bolt Action 2.0 Locked & Loaded: Getting Lots Of Heavy Armour On The Table


We’re continuing our exploration of Warlord Games’ Bolt Action 2.0 as we look at how you get lots of Heavy Armour onto the tabletop.

Bolt Action 2.0 Locked & Loaded XLBS: Countering Heavily Armoured Forces


Join us Backstage as we explore how you’re going to counter those Heavy Armour forces out there in Warlord Games’ Bolt Action 2.0.

Bolt Action 2.0 Locked & Loaded: Organising Multiple Platoons


In today’s episode John and Rich are explaining multiple platoons in your Bolt Action armies

Bolt Action 2.0 Locked & Loaded XLBS: Countering Multiple Platoon Armies


John and Rich will be discussing the tactics involved to target enemies of multiple platoons.

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded XLBS: Activation Tactics – ‘Double Tapping’ Your Units


We’ve been told a way of ‘double tapping’ your units in Bolt Action to get the most out of them. Come and find out more…

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded – Tank Assault Tactics


We’re learning all about Tank Assaults and how exactly to take down a tank at close quarters in this episode of Locked & Loaded.

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded XLBS: Using & Countering Recce Vehicles


We’re going Backstage to discuss some more tactics for use in your games of Bolt Action. In this episode we’re looking at Recce Vehicles and how best to use them…

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded – Sneaky Sniper Team Tactics


In this episode we’re going to be looking at the best uses for your Sniper Teams…

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded – Get Close Or Hold Back To Shoot?


Do you charge forward or dig in and let your enemies do the running? We talk about the benefits and drawbacks of both tactics…

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded XLBS – Burning Orders To Hold Back


We’re back with another tips video for Bolt Action by Warlord Games where we discuss when you might want sacrifice orders in order to hold your position and force your opponent to move…

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded – Club Games Vs Tournament Games


Welcome back to Bolt Action Locked & Loaded where we get to grips between building your army for a club game versus doing so for those all important tournaments.

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded XLBS – Using Medics In The Field


We’re Backstage to talk about the best ways to use Medics in the field when playing your games of Bolt Action. These fellows are often overlooked!

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded: Assault Or Shoot?


Welcome back to another episode of Bolt Action Locked & Loaded where we talk about your options when you get close to foes in Warlord Games’ World War II 28mm wargame.

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded XLBS: Target Priority – Who To Shoot?


We’re go Backstage to talk about what you should be shooting at when it comes to your activation in Bolt Action by Warlord Games.

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded: What Makes A Good Bolt Action Table?


We have a chat with Chez from Warlord Games about what makes for a good Bolt Action Table allowing both sides to have some fun.

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded XLBS: Tactical Cover Tips & Tricks


We’re back looking at some of the sneaky cover based tricks and tactics you can employ during your games of Bolt Action from Warlord Games.