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US Airborne Support Lands From Warlord For Bolt Action


Warlord Games has some new releases for those looking to bulk out their US Airborne force on the tabletop in Bolt Action.

1944-45 US Airborne Sets Parachute In For Warlord’s Bolt Action


Warlord Games has a few new sets of metal models for you to use when bolstering your US force in Bolt Action.

Bolt Action Unboxing – Char B1 Bis


This week John and Justin take a look at the French Char B1 bis tank for Bolt Action from Warlord Games.

Bolt Action Unboxing: Opel Blitz & Maultier


Today John and Justin are looking at the Opel Blitz truck and Maultier half-track for Bolt Action from Warlord Games.

Warlord Open Up Pre-Orders For Bolt Action Market Garden Campaign Book


Take part in the greatest airborne operation ever mounted

Wrap Up Warm & Ride German Tanks In Warlord’s Bolt Action


Warlord Games have been tinkering around with some Tank Riders for Bolt Action and your World War II Games.

Warlord Preview Upcoming Panzer 38(T) Zug Kit Coming Soon


A new Panzer kit is on the way from Warlord Games soon. This time they’re adding the Panzer 38(T) into the mix for your games of Bolt Action.

Warlord Games Take Aim With The Marder III Ausf. H Tank Destroyer


Blow your competitions armour away with this hard hitter

The Char B1 Bis Tank For Bolt Action Faces The Blitzkrieg


Warlord Games have released a new kit for the French Char B1 bis heavy tank for Bolt Action

Warlord Add Firepower To German Armies With New PaK 40


Available over on their webstore for those looking to expand on their German army in Bolt Action, the folks from Warlord Games have rolled out the PaK 40 auf RSO.

Waffen SS Army VLOG – Part 21


The final video of this series! I show you how the army has turned out and how I did the netting on the PaK40 and the StuH.

Waffen SS Army VLOG – Part 20


I discuss weathering techniques, basing and a little bit of camo netting!

Waffen SS Army VLOG – Part 19


Today I am weathering the vehicles and I will even be starting on the basing…

Waffen SS Army VLOG – Part 18


Time to add the Quickshade to the vehicle and gun teams in this latest installment of the VLOG series.

Waffen SS Army VLOG – Part 17


So, I’ve decided to do a little more highlighting to the infantry…

Waffen SS Army VLOG – Part 16


Today I get to show you guys, in detail, how the anti-shine varnish goes down over the dip.

Waffen SS Army VLOG – Part 15


Time to have a look at some vehicle and weapon camo schemes.

Waffen SS Army VLOG – Part 14


Come and see how the Strong Tone Quickshade from Army Painter goes down on the Waffen SS.

Waffen SS Army VLOG – Part 13


So it’s the end of Tuesday and I wanted to show you how the infantry have turned out.

Waffen SS Army VLOG – Part 12


I update you all on how the rest of the basecoating is coming along