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Panzer VIII Maus Released Friday For Warlord’s Bolt Action!

5 days ago 9

Coming on Friday from Warlord Games we will get to see the Panzer VIII Maus become a reality in Bolt Action. This vehicle will be available in VERY limited numbers.

Konflikt ’47 Gets Some British ‘Bots In The New Year From Warlord

34 days ago 17

Konflikt ’47 will be getting plenty of new reinforcements in the new year from Warlord Games and Clockwork Goblin including these British AMP Robots.

The Japanese Armour Up For Warlord’s Konflikt ’47

40 days ago 18

It’s not just the Soviets and the British clambering into their armour for Konflikt ’47. The Japanese have now joined the war thanks to Warlord Games and they’re looking good!

New Armour Arrives For Konflikt ’47 With A Cromwell & T34!

43 days ago 9

If you like your World War II armour but you want to take it to the next level then you can check out the new Cromwell-T and T-34/ZP for the British and the Soviets in Warlord’s Konflikt ’47.

The New Plastic M18 Hellcat Kit Pops Up For Bolt Action

46 days ago 10

Warlord Games has put together a new Bolt Action plastic set, the M18 Hellcat, for your American armies during World War II.

Let’s Play: Bolt Action Beach Assault (Game Two)

Let’s Play: Bolt Action Beach Assault (Game Two)

50 days ago 13

We’re back for another game of Bolt Action
by Warlord Games. This time the lads have
swapped sides for this Beach Assault!

Warlord Detail New Konflikt ’47 British & Soviet Starter Armies

63 days ago 8

Warlord Games has started taking pre-orders for their new starter armies in Konflikt ’47 as the British and the Soviets take very different approaches to warfare in this Weird World War setting.

Let's Play: Bolt Action Beach Assault

Let’s Play: Bolt Action Beach Assault

64 days ago 38

Justin and John go head to head with Warlord Games newest Bolt Action Second Edition.

Warlord’s M3 Stuart Tank Appears For Pre-Order

79 days ago 3

A new Allied WW2 tank is ready for pre-order from Warlord Games’ site; the American designed M3 Stuart Tank.

Bolt Action Unboxing: Sherman VC Firefly

Bolt Action Unboxing: Sherman VC Firefly

81 days ago 18

Today we’re unboxing the new Sherman VC Firefly for Bolt Action from Warlord Games.

More Konflikt ’47 Previews Pop Up From Clockwork Goblin

82 days ago 2

Warlord Games have collected together a number of different releases coming out in the future for Clockwork Goblin’s Konflikt ’47. Let’s see what’s on the cards…

The Gebirgsjager Mountain Troops Come To WWII & Bolt Action

85 days ago 12

Warlord Games are fighting in the mountains with the Gebirgsjager Squad, a unit of Elite Light Infantry, for the German army in Bolt Action.

New Soviet Previews Arrive For Warlord’s Konflikt ’47

91 days ago 10

A new set of previews has popped up online for Warlord Games’ Konflikt ’47. Expanding our look at what’s coming for the Soviets we have a look at some of the new models!

Bolt Action Unboxing: Sherman V

Bolt Action Unboxing: Sherman V

91 days ago 23

Today we’re Unboxing Bolt Action’s Sherman V from Warlord Games…

New Previews Pop Up For Warlord & Clockwork’s Konflikt ’47

102 days ago 20

Warlord Games and Clockwork Goblin have shown off three new previews for the Weird World War that is Konflikt ’47. We’ll kick things off with the Falken Jump Squad…