New British Tanks and Japanese Troops From Warlord

January 27, 2012 by dracs

Warlord have some new releases for Bolt Action, providing you with everything from tanks to troops.

The British Commonwealth are getting a couple of new tanks. First up are two variants of the Universal Carrier.

Able to carry either a mortar or a Vickers Medium Machine Gun this provides you with a very versatile vehicle to take to war.

But when you want a bit more fire power when facing Axis tanks than this new 60lb air-to-ground Tulip Rocket mount to attach to your own tanks.

As well as tanks Warlord have released some Japanese troops for jungle warfare.

These are some great figures and it is good to be seeing the Japanese force come together. Maybe you could replay the Japanese invasion of China at the time, an area which I personally have never seen done as a wargame.

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