Pick Up Dick Winters For Bolt Action By Warlord This Weekend!

July 17, 2014 by brennon

Lieutenant Dick Winters, popularised by Band of Brothers, is the Historicon event miniature and you can grab him for your games of Bolt Action thanks to Warlord Games but only between Thursday (17th) and Sunday (20th) this weekend!

Dick Winters (Front)

Dick Winters (Rear)

The miniature is great and even comes with a dog tag showing off his details as a scenic display base. of course you also get the option of putting him onto a standard round base for use in your games as well. I think the detail is great and top props to the painter Andres Amian for his work here.

It would be awesome to grab this guy and use him in your regular games as a little Easter egg for your opponent to spot. I love that kind of thing and it’s nice to see it popping up across a whole array of Warlord tabletop games.

Will you pick him up or are you going to Historicon itself!?